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Admission to the school

A quel niveau peut-on postuler à l’école ?

Entrance to Sup de Pub is possible at all academic levels:
At the post-BAC level for entry into the first year. (SP1).
– To enter the 2nd year directly, a BAC+1 level (60 ECTS) in communication or creation is required.
– A course of study at Bac +2 level (DUT, BTS, Prépa, 120 ECTS) allows direct access to the 3rd year (SP3).
– A Bachelor’s degree or a University degree or a level Bac+3 (180 ECTS) allows access to the 4th year (SP4).
– A diploma or a level Bac +4 (240 ECTS) allows to apply for the 5th year of the Masters (SP5).
For parallel admission (except for the first year), technical prerequisites are added to the level of study. See details on each program.

Comment postuler à l’école ?

All Bachelors and Bac+4/5 programs are accessible by competitive examination (written tests + a motivation interview) . The number of places offered in parallel admissions is limited. We organize online or face-to-face competitions on our campuses in Bordeaux, Lyon or Paris .
To apply to the school, all you have to do is register for one of our regular sessions offered between October and July, subject to availability.
See you here!

Peut-on s’entrainer au concours ?

Before the competition, you have the possibility to consult the helping books.

The old competition subjects are available here to allow you to train and understand the expectations of each test. Do not hesitate to contact the admissions department for advice and possible coaching sessions.

Comment se déroulent les épreuves du CONCOURS ?

Several written tests must be passed depending on your field of study (communication or creation):

  • Video player: A video clip is presented to you. It’s up to you to imagine the rest in 30 minutes
  • Brief: Based on our questions, prepare a strategic recommendation or a graphic design (depending on your industry) in 2 hours
  • Individual interview: to discuss your motivations and projects in 30 minutes

Comment se déroule l’entretien ?

This is a motivational interview. Youwill discuss your background, your personality and your motivation to join the schoolwith a panel of judges. The jury will then ask you about the communication environment and your professional project.

Quand obtient-on ses résultats ?

The results of the contest are sent within 7 days by e-mail.

Le concours est-il valable pour tous les campus de Sup de Pub ?

The competition is valid for all campuses. The tests and scoring are identical. You must choose a campus when you apply. If you wish to change later on, this is possible depending on the availability of places. To do this, you must notify the admissions department of the first campus you chose.

J’habite à l’étranger, comment passer le concours ?

If you live abroad and are of French nationality, you can register for an online competition session, available every month, via our internal platform. See you here!

If you live abroad and you are not a French citizen, you must register through the international service. Do not hesitate to ask them all your questions. You can contact them at this address: internationaladmissions@omneseducation.com.

Peut-on partir en échange universitaire à l’étranger ?

Sup de Pub is partnered with 45 universities around the world and offers students wishing to spend a semester abroad, in Europe with the Erasmus + system or in the rest of the world (Australia, United States, Canada, Japan…).

You can also add an international dimension to your course in the4th year on one of Omnes Education’s international campuses or by following an English course in Paris.

Schooling and pedagogy

Je souhaite changer de campus, qui dois-je contacter ?

If you wish to go to another Sup de Pub campus, contact your school’s education department. Find all your campus contacts here!

Quels sont les diplômes délivrés par l’école ?

The Bachelors 3 of Sup de Pub (Brand Strategy / Event Marketing / Communication & Editorial Strategy / Digital Marketing) lead to the RNCP Level 6 title recognized by the State ” Chargé de Communication Plurimedia ” delivered in partnership by Formatives (Codes NSF 320n and 320p, registered in the RNCP on 24/04/2020, delivered by FORMATIVES)

Sup de Pub delivers a level 7 (Eu) state certification for all its programs in the 5th year (SP5).

Manager of Communication and Digital Strategy

Artistic and Creative Director

Communication and Marketing Manager

Find more information here

Peut-on changer de spécialité et passer d’une filière communication à création ou inversement ?

Bridges are always possible, especially during the first years of study. On the other hand, between the 4th and 5th year, you must choose two specialties on the same RNCP title.

Comment recevoir mon diplôme ?

Your certificate of achievement is available on your digital campus as soon as you have validated your 5th year. The parchment will be handed out at the graduation ceremony or by mail upon completion.

Je n’ai pas reçu mes identifiants, comment faire ?

Are you a new student? Contact your admissions department.
Are you already a student at Sup de Pub? Contact your school department.
Find all your campus contacts here!

Où trouver mon certificat de scolarité ?

You can find your certificate of attendance in your student space on the digital campus, under “my documents”.

Où puis-je trouver mon emploi du temps ?

You can find your schedule in your student area on the digital campus.

Internships, work experience and jobs

Peut-on effectuer sa formation en alternance ?

Thealternation is possible in :

  • 3rd year (Brand Strategy / Event Marketing / Communication & Editorial Strategy / Digital Marketing) It can take several forms:
    – The “classic” internship agreement
    – The professionalization contract
    – The apprenticeship contract
  • 4th and 5th year and allows students to combine their studies with time in the company. It can take several forms:
    – The “classic” internship agreement
    – The professionalization contract
    – The apprenticeship contract

Est-on accompagné dans la recherche de stage ou d’alternance ?

Each campus has a dedicated department that provides personalized support. Find all your campus contacts here! Events such as Job Dating allow you to meet professionals. There is also a platform for internship/job offers and a Facebook group accessible to all students.

Où puis-je trouver les plannings d’alternance ?

They are available here.

J’ai trouvé mon alternance, quelles sont les prochaines étapes ?

You must declare your company on Nemo by carefully completing all the fields.
Connection link: https: //etudiants.omneseducation.com/s/
Be sure to indicate on your form which one you are enrolled in for the 2022/2023 year.


The company will then have to do the same on its side. The contract will appear in the “follow your contracts” section once you have completed step 1.
Company connection link: https: //entreprises.omneseducation.com/s/?language=fr

The company will then receive in a second step :
– The training schedule with the diploma code and the cost of the training.
– An online form to confirm your hiring. This step is important because it will allow us to edit the different elements necessary to set up the apprenticeship contract: the CERFA and the training agreement.

Dois-je payer l’acompte pour m’inscrire en alternance ?

If you have already found your host company, you can submit your promise of employment for the duration of the contract on the registration platform. This way you will be enrolled directly in the work-study program and will be exempted from paying the deposit.

If not, you must pay the deposit and register initially. You will then switch to a work-study program when you set up your contract. This deposit will be reimbursed to you as soon as you have validated your trial period in the company.

Au bout de combien de temps mon acompte est-il remboursé lorsque j’ai trouvé mon entreprise ?

The reservation deposit is refunded within 10 weeks after the end of your trial period.

Comment faire si je n’ai pas trouvé d’alternance à la rentrée ?

Several solutions are available to you:

  • To follow the training in initial, i.e. to validate its year by an internship.
  • Request a postponement of the start of the school year in the spring if the program is open or to the following year without retaking the competition.
  • Request a refund of the deposit (before the deadline: see Terms and Conditions of your registration file) and do not continue the year.

Ai-je la possibilité de faire une alternance à l’étranger ?

The work-study program is not normally compatible with international mobility. Certain exceptions may be considered under certain conditions if your company has a subsidiary abroad and if you have six months’ seniority under a work-study contract.

J’ai un problème avec mon employeur, vers qui puis-je me tourner ?

Your school referral or our corporate relations department are available to assist you in case of problems with your employer. Find your campus contacts here.

Est-il possible de cumuler job étudiant et études ?

The pedagogical rhythm has been studied to facilitate access to paid student jobs.
All students in initial training have one or more half-days off per week to work on freelance or small jobs or for their professional projects.

Job File

Updated 22 June 2023