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Do you want to learn about communication and hope one day to work in the same field? Don’t know all the possibilities that are available to you when studying this field? In this article, discover what communication really is, what studies are related to it and its opportunities.

What is communication studies?

Communication studies teaches all the ways to “communicate”. Communication is indeed present in gestures, images, silence. It is an art to master it and to choose the most adapted technique according to the situation and the target to reach. Numerous tools are available to ensure that the communication is done properly.

Therefore, communication is a very broad field, closely linked with many other sectors such as marketing. Lately, with the evolution of technology and digital, digital communication is becoming more and more advanced and used for many purposes. Studying communication requires you to be versatile.

A large number of sectors touch and encompass communication. These include public relations, journalism, marketing, cultural management, event management, advertising and publishing. All the techniques and tools used in these fields are necessarily taught in communication and this is what makes its students highly versatile.

Which baccalaureate to study communication?

Communication is generally classified as a literary field. However, in practice, it implies the intervention of science, especially in the manipulation of numerous digital and visual communication tools. If you want to prepare your communication studies since the baccalaureate, here are the possible options:

A general baccalaureate

A general baccalaureate normally allows you to go on to a BTS or a communication license, whatever series you choose. By opting for the literary series, you will strengthen your language skills. By opting for the scientific series, on the other hand, you prepare yourself for the scientific aspects of communication that involve the manipulation of digital tools, for example.

A professional bac

If you know since the baccalaureate that you want to do communication later, you can directly do a bac pro. The most important thing is to make sure that it is linked to communication. Thus, you can opt for a bac pro craft and art trades option visual communication plurimedia.

An STMG bac

You can also opt for an STMG or Science and Technology of Management. Indeed, human resources and communication are part of the 4 specific courses taught for this bac. Obviously, it allows you to access a BTS or a license in communication if you wish.

Why do a BTS in communication?

The BTS or Brevet de Technicien Supérieur in communication is a 2-year course after the baccalaureate. There are many reasons to do a BTS communication right after you graduate from high school:

Possibility of doing an alternation

The most important thing in communication is to learn and master as quickly as possible the strategies, techniques and tools required to work in a company. By opting for a BTS and depending on the school, you normally have the possibility to follow a sandwich course. This is by far the best way to learn communication.

To facilitate and accelerate professional integration

The more you practice in a company, the more operational you become. If this is the case, your professional integration will be much easier. Doing a BTS communication can then make you benefit from this advantage if the establishment where you are training allows it.

To access the license

If you wish to opt for a long cycle of at least 5 years in communication, doing a BTS can give you access to the licence. This will allow you to continue your studies until you reach the baccalaureate + 5 or even more.

What are the career opportunities after studying communication?

If you have studied communication and are now quite versatile, many professional opportunities are available to you:

  • community manager ;
  • social media manager ;
  • advertising manager;
  • media planner ;
  • event project manager ;
  • communication officer ;
  • press relations manager ;
  • director of communications.

What are the communication studies offered by Sup de Pub?

Sup de Pub, present since 1986, is one of the first communication schools. Obviously, it is natural for it to offer communication studies through its many programs. To view the available options, you can go to our website or find answers to your questions in the FAQ section. As a specialist in the field, Sup de Pub offers, for example, since the1st year, the culture of communication. The specialization starts especially from the4th year, it proposes in particular the conception and writing, the audiovisual creation and digital design or the creation and graphic design until the 5th year.


Updated 11 March 2024