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Marketing is a vast and complex field. When you start out in this career, the challenge is to make your way through the jungle of words, concepts, tools and other marketing tricks. And yet, there are a number of things every student should know. One of the first is the importance of training. Marketing training is one of the most effective ways to learn how to master the marketing tool. Indeed, marketing training is a course designed to train versatile professionals who know how to manage all aspects of the business in the context of their profession. What are the marketing courses? How to find the best courses ?

What marketing courses can be chosen in higher education?

University courses in marketing are reserved for holders of a bachelor’s degree. Even if the courses are not specialized in marketing, they still allow you to acquire some basics. It is therefore advisable to validate your degree and then continue in a school of communication or advertising.

Training in marketing at the bac +3 level

There are university courses at the level of bac +3 in the field of marketing. These courses are offered by several higher education institutions. At the end of the training, the student will obtain, for example, a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a professional license. Depending on the type of training he has chosen.

Marketing training courses at Bac +5 level

After their bachelor’s degree, students can continue their education up to a bachelor’s degree. This level of study allows you to obtain a master’s degree if it is in college. If they choose a business school, they will get an MBA. For those who opt for a school of communication for example, they will have a level 7 RNCP certificate.

What types of marketing courses are available to students?

Marketing is a versatile field. It offers a variety of training options to students:

Digital marketing training

Digital marketing courses are courses that allow students to learn about marketing in a digital context. This type of training is offered by several higher education institutions and communication schools.

Training in luxury marketing

It is a specialized training in luxury marketing that aims to train professionals capable of better understanding the luxury market and developing an innovative entrepreneurial spirit. This training is mainly offered by communication schools, for example: sup de Pub.

Web marketing training

The web marketing training allows you to acquire knowledge about the web. Often referred to as e-marketing, web marketing training allows you to acquire knowledge on how to use the web to promote and sell a product or service. It actually helps you develop a marketing strategy for your business.

Training in editorial marketing and brand content

Editorial marketing is a new discipline that focuses on the relationship between brands and consumers. It is no longer sufficient to design a communication model focusing solely on the brand or product. The way you communicate with your customers can be as important as the product itself. This is called brand content.

what are the opportunities of a marketing training?

There is a wide variety of marketing courses available. In this sense, they allow for many possibilities in the trades.

Examples of job opportunities with a marketing education include:

Which marketing course to choose at Sup de Pub ?

Sup de Pub offers several choices for training in marketing. The training is as follows: students will study the necessary basics in marketing and communication during the first and second year. From the third year on, they can progressively choose a specialization. In the fourth and fifth years, they will specialize in a course of their choice.

They will therefore have the choice between:

  • editorial strategy and editorial communication ;
  • marketing & communication CSR ;
  • marketing communication of cultural and creative industries ;
  • luxury communication & marketing.

Is it possible to do a marketing training course in alternation at Sup de Pub ?

It is possible to follow a marketing training course in alternation at Sup de Pub. Training courses are available from bac+4 and bac+5. The contracts are for a period of 24 months. During the SP4, the student spends the first semester alternating theoretical courses and practical work in a company. The second semester will be spent in a company only. During SP5, the student will spend the year in a company. However, he will receive 1 day of training every 15 days.


Updated 11 March 2024