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To succeed, a company can rely on the power of communication. It allows you to manage and impose your brand image and increase sales. Nevertheless, to be effective, it must be well managed. This is the responsibility of the Communications Officer. We present you the advantages of this job as well as its salary.

What is a Communications Officer?

The Communication Manager is in charge of the whole communication part of a company. It is essential in any structure, regardless of its size. It is the conductor of all communication operations useful for the development of the brand image. They may work for an organization, an event company, a service company or a product brand.

This is an important position, as it is responsible for several components. This includes internal and external communication and online presence or digital marketing. It develops and implements the communication strategy in line with the objectives. For its application, it manages and coordinates communication actions involving the various divisions of the company.

The objective of this communication expert is to convey a positive image of his brand to consumers. It also ensures the promotion of its events, activities and products or services. It carries out well-developed promotional or information actions to reach the company’s targets.

The Communications Officer is a versatile agent who does a little bit of everything. He is creative, curious and responsive. He masters the communication techniques and the necessary tools. He is at ease with graphic design software and digital instruments.

To carry out his actions, he must have basic knowledge of communication law. They also need to speak a second language, primarily English.

What are the missions of the Communications Officer?

The tasks of the Communications Officer vary according to the structure that hired him/her and its size. In a small company, he deals with all forms of communication and acts in a transversal way. In a large company, he is supported by other actors. These include the internet communication manager and the digital communication manager.

Whether acting alone or in collaboration with other trades, he manages the following different actions:

  • analysis of the company’s needs in terms of communication.
  • market research and competitive intelligence.
  • analysis of prospect behavior to define an effective and targeted action plan.
  • Establishing a communication strategy to meet the imposed objectives.
  • the design of numerous internal and external communication supports.
  • writing press releases.
  • control and management of the company’s website content and other digital levers.
  • the direction and follow-up of the company’s projects: events, graphics and advertising.
  • the implementation of communication, promotion or launch campaigns.
  • coordination of a team.

Why become a Communications Officer?

The position of Communications Officer is ideal for curious and creative young people. It is an exciting and motivating job. This is due to the diversity of its activities. Moreover, it is useful in all sectors, which gives you a wide choice of opportunities.

It is also a job that leaves room for relationships. You are responsible for a team. It gives you a certain esteem. Your days are not limited to sitting behind a screen for hours. On the contrary, you have to travel a lot to meet partners, for example.

This sector is easy to integrate, because despite the strong competition, the demands are also numerous. It offers interesting prospects for development. After a few years in this position, it is possible to become a communications or marketing manager. You will have more responsibility and a more comfortable salary.

How much does a Communications Officer earn?

The Communications Officer earns little at the beginning of his or her career. However, this depends on the size of the company and its responsibilities. The gross salary of a beginner is between 1 650 and 2 000 € per month.

After just 5 years, it rises to between 2,500 and 3,000 € per month. In a large structure, it even reaches 4 500 €. The average salary per year is around 30 000 €.

What are the educational requirements for becoming a Communications Officer?

To be successful in this position, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in communications. Nevertheless, in order to quickly climb the ladder, it is preferable to have a Bac+5. Sup de Pub is the ideal advertising school for your studies. Our programs train tomorrow’s best communication managers.

We have the courses:

  • SP3 Global Communication ;
  • Communication & Audiovisual production ;
  • Communication & Graphic Design ;
  • Brand advertising communication.

Our greatest asset is our ability to deliver a state diploma, the RNCP level 7 title.

Updated 6 June 2023