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International communication is a field of study that focuses on understanding and managing international affairs. It concerns many sectors of activity. The Master of Arts in International Communication is a university degree awarded to students who have excelled in their studies. To acquire this diploma, you must follow a specific program in specialized schools. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is a master’s degree in international communication?

A master’s degree in communication encompasses the study of international organizations, diplomatic and political communication, media and public opinion. It is accessible with a bac+3 or bac+4. It allows you to obtain the level bac+5.

It is a course that allows you to acquire the necessary knowledge to master the international market. This opens many doors for you to build an outstanding career at the international level.

The objectives of this training

This course is designed to train you for management positions. Upon completion, you will be able to work in the media industry or for NGOs on a global scale. The objective of this training is to prepare you as well as possible for your future functions. Theoretical courses increase your knowledge and practice develops your actual skills. Internships promote your immersion in the world of work.

The length of atypical program of study is one to two years depending on the institution. Upon graduation, students receive an academic degree such as Master of International Communication or Master of Public Diplomacy and Strategy.

Content of our Master in International Communication

Our master’s degree in international communication includes several courses. There is Communication & Marketing which encompasses global communication and brand strategy. Marketing & Communication of Creative and Cultural Industries and Institutional Communication of Companies & Organizations are included in the list.

We also have the Communication & Digital Strategy program. It covers everything related to digital. In the list, you will find :

  • Digital Management & Social Media ;
  • Digital Management & E-commerce ;
  • Data Management, Consumer Sociology.

International dimension of this master

This master’s degree has an international value. Graduates are highly sought after by employers around the world. Our master’s degree offers national, but especially international opportunities. Therefore, the graduate can choose the profession and field that suits him/her.

Our training allows us to qualify for a position with high responsibility and to manage multinational projects for international clients. Recruiters abroad are aware of the value of our teaching and our certifications.

What are the opportunities after a master’s degree in international communication?

Good communication strategies remain essential for organizations trying to succeed on a global scale. It can be a UN or multinational companies trying to establish themselves around the world. The most requested positions are :

  • director of international communications ;
  • international media consultant ;
  • international Brand Leader ;
  • strategic planner ;
  • international public relations officer ;
  • international communication project manager ;
  • Media Officer ;
  • in charge of international events.

Depending on your experience, you have the opportunity to obtain other management positions. You can choose to work for national governments, large corporations or NGOs. It is also possible to work as a consultant or freelancer.

Strengths of our master’s degree in international communication

Our master’s degree in international communication teaches students the basics of running a successful campaign. They learn to plan, organize, direct and control all information activities and their management within an organization. Our teaching and pedagogy prepare students for leadership positions in international organizations.

The pace of the course allows for a combination of theory and practice. Learners are trained to facilitate their integration into the workforce. This gives them a significant competitive advantage over their counterparts in the labor market. Our exchange programs and all the opportunities we offer help them stand out. This facilitates their job search.

Admission requirements for this master’s degree in international communication

To access the Master’s degree in International Communication at Supdepub, you must already have obtained an accredited L3 degree in communication. Degrees from other accredited universities are accepted, but applicants must pass an entrance exam. This is valid for students who want to enter the first year of the master’s program.

For candidates in M2 or Master 2, a degree of Bac+4 or Master 1 is required. In all cases, admission begins with the submission of an application and the completion of the form. After a selective sorting, you are admitted according to the availability of places.

Training rates

The cost of the training depends on the type of training you choose, but also on the city you choose.

For Lyon and Bordeaux, the initial program in SP4 is 9 300 €. If you choose a 24-month sandwich course in SP4 and SP5, it costs €20,000. For the SP5, the fees are €9,800 for initial studies and €10,100 for sandwich courses.

If you are in Paris, the SP4 program costs €9,350 for an initial course and €20,300 for a sandwich course. For students studying abroad, i.e. London, New York or San Francisco, the SP4 program costs €10,500.
The registration fee is 80 € and a deposit of the tuition fee is requested at the time of pre-registration. The amount of this one amounts to 1 100 €, of which 150 € are non-refundable, in expenses of file.


Updated 11 March 2024