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International marketing is essential for all companies that operate internationally. It allows you to master the marketing techniques to be used to promote the growth of the company. Here’s what you need to know about international marketing.

What is international marketing?

International marketing has enabled all companies to do business in most countries of the world. In simple terms, international marketing concerns all the necessary actions taken by a company to promote its brand, product or service in a foreign market.

It includes all the marketing decisions necessary for the commercialization, among others the identification of the target market, the analysis of the clientele in foreign countries, and the planning and execution of the tariffs.

Several players are involved in international marketing:

  • Multinational companies, which are an organization with several offices and players in several countries and with a headquarters;
  • exporters who sell products or provide services abroad;
  • Importers who purchase products and services from exporters;
  • Service companies that trade services to generate revenue.

Why is international marketing growing?

With the ever-changing tastes, preferences, choices and demands of customers, companies must find a way to adapt to all of this. As a result, they have made room for more competitive marketing and have decided not to limit themselves to their national borders. As a result, these companies have turned to international marketing.

International marketing is an excellent way to adapt to changing business conditions. It also allows us to take advantage of technological developments. International marketing is becoming more and more popular today for many reasons:

  • it is a way for a company to have a much more diversified source of income;
  • it’s the best way to get closer to your customers. Note that even online sales need international marketing;
  • It stabilizes a company’s revenue stream by adapting to fluctuations in demand.

Principles and strategies of international marketing

International marketing relies on principles to develop different strategies.

  • Direct customer relations: you must understand who you are talking to and what they are looking for;
  • the product : it is also important to see if your product is in demand in the market of another country;
  • Pricing: you must choose a pricing strategy that is premium or economical;
  • Place: try to define where you will conduct your advertising activities and marketing processes so that the target customers have easy access to the product or service;
  • Packaging: put more effort into the presentation of your product or service. Your packaging should vary according to the market (language, color);
  • Positioning : you need to know where you stand to determine what messages will most appeal to your new audiences;
  • Physical evidence : this is the evidence you bring to convince your new clients. It can be about atmosphere and environment;
  • Staff: you must understand the importance of your staff and the fact that they are your best asset.

In summary, all of these principles are based on a common theme: understanding your consumers.

How to work in international marketing?

International marketing is a very demanding field that requires highly trained people. International marketing professionals must be specialists in managing multiple variables. Once you have obtained your bachelor’s degree, there are several training and study options available to you in order to work in international marketing:

  • an MBA (Master of Business Administration): MBA Communication, MBA International, MBA Marketing;
  • a master’s degree from a marketing and communication school or a business school: Master of Science in International Marketing, Master of International Marketing;
  • a professional degree : Licence Pro Marketing, Licence Pro Advertising, Licence Professionnelle Commerce, Licence Pro Commerce International;
  • a BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) : BTS Operational Sales Management, BTS Negotiation and Digitalization of Customer Relations, BTS International Trade, BTS Communication.

Mastery of one or more foreign languages is essential to work in international marketing.

International marketing at Supdepub

Supdepub is a school specialized in communication. Our headquarters are located in Paris, but we have several campuses in different cities in France (Bordeaux, Lyon) and in other countries (London, New York, San Francisco). In total, Supdepub has 17 campuses. The aim of our school is to train executives specialized in marketing strategy and corporate communication. To this end, it offers various training courses. To work in the field of international marketing, you can opt for the programs :

  • SP4 / SP5 International Brand Strategy and Marketing;
  • SP4 / SP5 Global Communication and Brand Strategy.

Upon completion of these programs, you will be able to take advantage of a :

  • account manager;
  • brand manager;
  • communication officer ;
  • project manager ;
  • product manager ;
  • advertising manager ;
  • director of communications;
  • marketing manager;
  • social media manager;
  • strategic planner;
  • communication manager ;
  • international account manager ;
  • marketing manager;
  • brand manager;
  • responsible for customer success.


Updated 11 March 2024