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You are creative and want to direct your professional project in the field of event management? But are you wondering if the event industry is hiring? This article will explain everything you need to know about getting into a trade in the field and which ones are hiring. Find out how the event industry is changing.

In summary:

  • The event industry is recruiting a lot, especially in the digital field.
  • The sector is evolving with the arrival of digital technology.
  • It gives access to many professions.
  • You can benefit from a complete training in event management in an advertising school.

Is the event industry recruiting?

The event industry is linked to many fields. From recruitment to trade shows, not to mention live and televised events, everything is event related. For this reason, it is a sector that recruits a lot.

By choosing to work in the event industry, you have a wide choice of activities. You can become an organizer, project manager, agent or even a food delivery service provider. In each of these activities, you can find your own way. All you need is the motivation to do one in particular.

What’s also great about event management is that you can get into entrepreneurship. Even if the competition is fierce, it is relatively simple to create your own company and offer an original service. It is important to remember that event management is a creative field that requires you to have a lot of imagination and to be an artist.

What are the jobs in the event industry?

The jobs in the event industry are so varied that you can easily get lost. It’s simply a matter of knowing exactly what area of the event industry you want to work in. Also, you should know in advance if you want to be a technician or more in the organization and coordination of activities.

Among the most popular jobs in the sector, we can mention the following:

Management positions

If you want to be more involved in management in the event industry, a manager, director or project manager position is ideal. It is then your duty to organize and coordinate the activities. To do this, you must act like a true conductor and therefore have a sense of detail and creativity.

You could be a sports event organizer, a trade show director or simply an event project manager. A very popular job in the event industry lately is that of wedding planner.

Creative positions

If you want to get into the slightly more artistic and creative side of the event, choose a creative position. They can be event decorators or scenographers. For live or televised events, you can also choose to be a sound and/or light technician, for example.

communication specialists

The event industry is closely linked to communication. All the jobs related to this activity are then jobs of the event industry. You can be an animator or an event communication manager.

The event industry is a sector in transformation

Lately, we can say that the event industry is in full transformation. As with most existing sectors, the arrival of digital technology has transformed it greatly. Numerous digital jobs were then created in the field of event management. This contributes more to the development of the sector and to the diversification of the activities you can do.

Among others, you can access nowadays to the job of digital event organizer, or e-sport project manager. Thanks to the evolution of digital technology, event management is accessible to a greater number of creative people who are passionate about the field.

Does Sup de Pub offer training to work in the event industry?

If you want to work in the event industry, the best thing to do is to first train in a communications school. At Supdepub, you have a wide choice of programs that prepare you for careers in event management. You can consult the list of these on the Supdepub website and go to the FAQ section if you want to know some details.

For example, you may choose to study communication and audio-visual production during the4th and5th years. Or you can also study digital and creative fields of study as a sandwich course.


Updated 11 March 2024