What does an event organiser earn ?

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Are you organized, creative and have what it takes to become an event planner? You like to control everything, from timing to activities, and want to direct your professional project towards your passion, while making a good living? Find out what an event planner’s salary is.

In summary:

The salary of an event planner:

  • Depends on your performance, your experience and the size of the event to prepare.
  • Goes around 2000 euros per month for a beginner.
  • Can reach 3000 euros per month, or even more for an experienced event organizer.

How much does an event planner make at the beginning of her career?

In the event industry, your talent and creativity can often be enough to propel you in your career. However, you need to be well trained and experienced to have maximum control over the organization of the event. Without meaning to, some details may escape you the first few times.

This is why an event planner at the beginning of her career naturally earns less than an experienced one. So, if you are just starting out, you can expect a monthly salary of between 1,600 and 1,800 euros. However, if you are undoubtedly talented, you can earn more than 2,000 euros, even in your early years.

It should be remembered that this remuneration can be different if you work for an event agency and if you are independent. Indeed, the event industry allows you to undertake even in your early days as long as you have the talent and the motivation. In this case, you are paid according to the performance.

As a reference, you can then receive about 875 euros if you partially organize the event. If you take it over completely, on the other hand, you are paid about 2,500 euros for a complete package.


What does an experienced event planner earn?

The more events you organize, the more experience you gain. This is how you can also have the rigor and precision it takes to provide clients with better results. If you manage to make a name for yourself in the industry or earn the status of an experiencedevent organizer, you can earn up to more than 3,000 euros per month in salary.


What are the missions of an event organizer?

Theevent organizer is a true conductor. In this position, you are responsible for the smooth running of the event from start to finish. Among other things, you may have to manage the time and order of activities. You coordinate the team in charge of decoration, entertainment, aperitifs and cocktails.

If you are already experienced, you should know the difference between organizing a sports event and an exhibition for example. That’s why you need to keep the same performance. By satisfying customers with impeccable service, it is easier for you to keep them coming back for future events.

What qualities should an event planner have to earn a good salary?

Some particularly successful event organizers earn above the norm and this is well deserved. If you want to become one of them, it is important to develop certain qualities.

  • You must be organized, meticulous, precise and creative;
  • you must always listen to the customer;
  • you must have patience;
  • You must have excellent managerial skills;
  • it is imperative to know foreign languages to serve foreign customers;
  • you must be consistent in completing your tasks.

While these qualities can be worked on, the necessary technical skills can be learned in communication schools like Supdepub. Joining this type of institution is also a great way to learn about the industry and your job. You can find all Supdepub’s programs on its website and go to the FAQ section for additional information.

In which cities are event planner salaries the highest?

Any city in France can call upon an event organizer to organize any event. There are usually many of them for all cities, but the activities to prepare are different.

The salary received will then naturally vary according to these parameters. For your information, the highest salaries are found in Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche, Neuilly-sur-Seine and Le Vésinet.


Updated 23 February 2023