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Are you interested in marketing? You want to work and excel in this field? To do this, you must master the latest techniques and digitalization is one of them. With that in mind, data marketing is a perfect field for you. Find out in this article what it is exactly and what its integration implies.

What is Data Marketing?

In simple terms, Data Marketing is the branch of Digital Marketing that works on and with data, always with the aim of driving business forward. By becoming a Data Marketeer, you are in charge of collecting, managing and analyzing existing data to define and apply the right marketing strategy.

Like all marketing students, you need to master basic marketing strategies and practices throughout your studies. When opting for Data Marketing, you should also be familiar with Digital Marketing and data manipulation using the necessary tools.

Why do Data Marketing?

Are you sure you like data marketing but don’t know why it’s an interesting field? We’ll show you why it’s a safe route.

  • Data marketing is a branch almost as new as digital marketing. As a result, the Data Marketeer profession is a fairly new one that is recruiting almost constantly.
  • Working in this field brings many responsibilities and requires the right skills. If you love hard work and growth, then there’s every reason to go into data marketing.
  • Indeed, like any good marketer, you must have the ability to define the best marketing strategy.
  • As your analyses must be more advanced while the volume of data to be processed is greater, you must also learn to manipulate recent tools and software to achieve this. However, mastering them is always a plus in your work and its evolution.

What is Big Data in marketing?

In marketing, Big Data includes all market and consumer data, regardless of its nature. Highly varied, this data provides you with more information to consider for your analyses. This way, if you are a good data marketer, you are more likely to develop the best marketing strategy to achieve the company’s goals.

To give you a better idea of what you have to deal with as a data marketer, we can classify the following elements in Big Data

  • opinions and data collected in the various social networks;
  • the figures obtained in the statistics ;
  • the archives concerning the former projects;
  • the history of the evolution of new projects.

What are the professional opportunities in Data Marketing?

If you’ve mastered data marketing, you have the skills to work in virtually any marketing-related position. The most important thing is to have a strong interest in your job. The good news is that the field of Digital Marketing is an evolving environment. This means you can still expect career growth even if you start at the bottom of the ladder.

We suggest the following course to put your talent to work:

  • start as a Business Analyst. This job involves market research, which requires you to perform marketing analysis and handle a large volume of data. It is also your duty to define the key actions to enable the company to develop its business and marketing projects;
  • then become a Data Analyst. This is a position that involves constantly working with the company’s Big Data;
  • evolve to the position of Digital Project Manager or become a Digital Strategy Manager. In both cases, you will reach a position with greater responsibilities. You have then under your management and your coordination all that touches the Digital Marketing of the company.

How to get trained in Data Marketing?

If you want to train in data marketing and become an elite in this field, the ideal is to join a specialized school. At Sup de Pub, we offer you a training that can go up to 5 years of higher education to optimize your chances of integrating a position in Digital Marketing. To find out more about the admission procedures, simply visit our website.

If you have specific questions that you absolutely need answered, feel free to go to our FAQ section.

Does Sup de Pub offer training in Data Marketing?

Sup de Pub is one of the best and first schools in Communication. She teaches all related fields, including data marketing. When you leave our school, you can be directly operational since 5 years of study with us is equivalent to having at least 2 years of professional experience.


Updated 11 March 2024