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A professional certification registered with the RNCP allows for the validation of acquired skills and knowledge necessary for the exercise of professional activities. ” (Law of September 5, 2018 for the freedom to choose your professional future). More information here.

State-certified diplomas

The Bachelors 3 of Sup de Pub (Brand Strategy / Event Marketing / Communication & Editorial Strategy / Digital Marketing) allow to obtain the title RNCP Level 6 certified by the State ” Chargé de Communication Plurimedia ” delivered in partnership by Formatives (Codes NSF 320n and 320p, registered in the RNCP on 24/04/2020, delivered by FORMATIVES)

Registration of the title by Formatives in the national directory of professional certifications by order of 24/04/2020, published in the Official Journal of 24/04/2020 for a period of 5 years

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Sup de Pub delivers a level 7 (Eu) state certification in 24 months for all its programs in the 5th year (SP5).

Artistic and Creative Director
Certification of level 7 (Eu) Title RNCP 31993
Code NSF 321; Registration of the title in the national directory of professional certifications by order of 17/12/2018, published in the Official Journal of 21/12/2018 for a period of 5 years

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Title in process

Communication Manager
File in progress

Content Manager
File in progress

Experience Manager
File in progress

Digital Strategy Manager
File in progress

ECTS credits

Each year validated at Sup de Pub brings 60 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System). This academic recognition simplifies the mobility of students from one institution to another in Europe and allows the homologation of your years of study.

Sup de Pub, a Qualiopi / AFNOR certified organization

The apprenticeship training programs offered by Sup de Pub have obtained their Qualiopi certification to meet the requirements of the “Professional Future” law. With this Qualiopi quality certification, Sup de Pub is proud to be able to offer its students courses that guarantee a study environment conducive to their future employability. This Qualiopi certification is a mark of quality guarantee for providers of actions contributing to the development of skills. It allows us to create a unique and reliable reference point, a guarantee of quality that Sup de Pub courses can claim.

The quality certification was issued for training and apprenticeship programs at our Bordeaux, Lyon and Paris sites.

Updated 26 May 2023