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The digital professions offer many opportunities. Passionate about the Internet and social networks? Use your skills to become a community manager. Find out what training you need to follow to practice this profession.

What is the job of a community manager (CM) and what are his missions?

In the digital age, most companies are now present on social networks and have their own website. To develop a business, having a page is not enough. It is also necessary to propose content and interact with the community, hence the interest of collaborating with a community manager. In other words, the role of the community manager is to ensure the animation of the client’s site. To do this, he is responsible for :

  • distribute communication media in the form of videos, text content or images;
  • Offer entertainment, such as contests to keep the community active;
  • communicate with the community by answering any questions they may have;
  • conduct advertising campaigns.

In addition to the presence on the Internet and on social networks, the community manager ensures a watch. Indeed, the objective is to always spread a positive image of the brand with which it collaborates.

How to become a community manager?

Taking a higher education course is the best way to become a professional community manager. Studies in communication, digital marketing, business, public relations and journalism are all possibilities to become a community manager.

Some institutes also offer more specialized training, such as a course in information and communication technologies for the animation of networks and communities. The same is true for the course in animation of digital communities and social networks or digital management and social networks.

In addition to the degree, personal qualities are also required, including creativity, good writing skills, patience and a broad general knowledge.

What is the content of a community management course?

The content of the training depends on the course you choose. At the end of the course, you should have mastered the various points relating to communication, the development of relevant and attractive content and planning. Among the contents of the training, it is possible to find :

  • digital marketing;
  • the creation of graphic contents through different software such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator;
  • Web strategy, including natural and paid search engine optimization, UX ;
  • creative project management.

Why train to become a community manager?

Training to become a community manager is an opportunity to master all the techniques and to become professional in the field. Contrary to popular belief, communicating for the web and networks requires a lot of knowledge.

Knowing that the job is not limited to the creation of content, it is essential to know how to use the tools of analysis of results. In addition, coaching helps to better develop the communication skills and creativity of any student.

Community manager salary and career development

The salary of a community manager depends on several factors, namely:

  • the size of the company with which it collaborates, knowing that the means of a very small company will not be the same as those of a multinational. The same applies to the tasks assigned;
  • the status, as a freelancer by adopting the auto-entrepreneur status or as an employee of a company.

In any case, the remuneration is around 2 000 € gross per month, that is to say around 25 000 € per year. With accumulated experience, remuneration can reach up to €45,000 gross per year. In terms of career development, the community manager can become a digital project manager, social media manager or web editorial manager.

Does Sup de Pub offer training to become a community manager?

Sup de Pub has different training courses allowing you to familiarize yourself with the web and digital communication professions. Once you have completed your training, you can easily apply for the position of community manager. To do this, take a training course in :

  • creation and graphic design ;
  • digital management and social media ;
  • editorial strategies and content management ;
  • public relations, reputation and influence ;
  • communication and digital.

What are the objectives of the training?

Each type of training has its specific objective. However, they are generally aimed at:

  • Adoption of a communication strategy according to the target audience;
  • mastery of the technical know-how of advertising content creation using the multiple tools available;
  • mastering the different aspects of a website such as UX and UI;
  • organizational capacity building.

Who is our training for and what are the admission requirements?

Sup de Pub’s training programs are aimed at graduates who have already begun a previous course of study. The courses are thus accessible with a Bac+1, Bac+3 or Bac+4. Indeed, a student can follow a course of study to learn about the digital field or to deepen his knowledge. Admission is based on various tests and the presentation of a portfolio.


Updated 9 February 2023