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More and more students are now turning to work-study contracts. It is a practical way to take advantage of training leading to a qualification or diploma while working. The communication field in particular is very popular. But where and how do you find work-study offers in communication? This is what we propose you to discover through this article.

What is an alternation in communication?

Definition of alternation in communication

As its name indicates, alternating work and study programs consist of alternating the time spent on training and on work. As an example, the student can spend one month in a company internship and one month in class. He then maintains the same pace until the end of his course. This solution allows you to deepen both the theoretical and practical knowledge of the profession.

Types of work-study communication contracts

Nowadays, more and more companies are recruiting students in communication. Two types of contracts exist for work-study programs. The professionalization contract is aimed at non-graduates and the unemployed. It allows them to acquire a professional qualification. The apprenticeship contract, on the other hand, is for students seeking a communications degree.

Communication internship: the advantages

Students who sign up for work-study communication contracts enjoy several benefits:

  • the company that hosts the student finances the training;
  • the participant improves his professional experiences in the field;
  • the student benefits from the theoretical knowledge essential to the understanding of the profession;
  • the student on a work-study contract is paid ;
  • the possibility of obtaining a position within the host company at the end of the work-study communication contract.

Where can I do my work-study in communication?

Doing a communications internship with an advertiser

It is a company that invests in the field of communication (marketing, public relations, events…). The advertiser can make an offer of work experience with an agency or internally.

As an example, a BTS in advertising communication allows applicants to work in various media. This helps to broaden their communication skills. Axa, EDF, La Poste, Radio France and Total, among others, offer a communication alternation.

Doing a work placement in a communications agency

The agency supports its client (the advertiser) in the campaign of its products and services. The work-study student suggests appropriate solutions to the company’s communication problems. Joining an agency nevertheless requires a certain inventiveness . Contrary to other means of alternating communication, the problems are more sophisticated. Similarly, the fields of activity are many and varied.

Doing a work placement in communication in an advertising agency

An advertising agency specializes in sellingadvertising space to promote a brand. These companies also hire students on a work-study communication program. They learn how to hone their marketing skills for their careers. Among these companies, we can mention Bolorre, Yellow Pages, Lagardere or Mediavision.

How to find a work placement in communication?

Several official sites provide information on the communications internship program. Among them is Pôle Emploi. This platform is known for offering a wide range of jobs to unemployed people. The offers include work-study contracts. The same goes for other sites such as Le Portail de l’Alternance, La Bonne Alternance or L’Apec for executives. These sites regularly offer work-study jobs in various sectors.

Work-study offers in communication

The companies that offer work-study communication programs generally recruit :

  • communication officers ;
  • media planner ;
  • community manager ;
  • event project managers ;
  • motion design project managers ;
  • interactive design project managers ;
  • marketing managers, etc.

The cover letter for a communication internship

Some practical tips for writing

To succeed in obtaining a work-study contract in communications, it is important to write a good cover letter. This document allows the employer to judge the level of seriousness and professionalism of the candidate. In its content, the applicant explains the assets it can bring to improve the company’s communication strategy.

As a future communications professional, it is important to pay attention to the formatting of the cover letter. Do not hesitate to use word processing software such as Gimp, Textemate or Paparazzi. Don’t forget to mention the alternating patterns (how many times a day, month or week?). Once the cover letter has been carefully written, remember to proofread for grammatical errors. All you have to do is send it in PDF format by email or directly to the agency in paper format.

Is it possible to do a communications internship in Paris?

Sup de Pub offers a work-study program in communication for those who wish to study in Paris. This program is dedicated to fourth and fifth year students as part of their master’s degree. It also represents an opportunity for students to integrate the largest communication firms in the capital.

Is it possible to do a communications internship in Lyon?

On its Lyon campus, Sup de Pub also offers work-study courses in communication. The institution is located a few minutes from the Place Bellecour. A place that gathers the biggest businesses of the city. The metropolis is home to an average of 1,500 companies. More than 130,000 students take part in work-study programs here.

Is it possible to do a communication internship in Bordeaux?

Sup de Pub also has a campus in Bordeaux. The communication training course is dedicated to those who wish to integrate a company on site. The campus is located 5 minutes from downtown. In addition, this region is full of professional opportunities for internships, work-study programs or permanent contracts.


Updated 11 March 2024