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The Community Manager is one of the most popular communication and influence jobs. His missions allow him to develop and manage the image of an association, a company or an organization on community platforms. It is a very connected profession, accessible through specific studies and leaving room for many outlets.

What is a Community Manager?

The community manager is an expert of web communities who works mainly in a digital agency or a communication agency. However, he may be required to carry out his activity and his missions on behalf of a company or an advertiser. The role of this digital expert is to create, federate, animate and structure a community composed of Internet users around a theme or a common interest. He intervenes on social networks, professional networks, forums, wikis and/or blogs as an ambassador for a brand and as the person in charge of the brand’s e-reputation.

What are the missions of the Community manager?

The Community Manager’s missions are varied, and contribute to the development of a brand’s relationship with its various publics (customers, users and employees). He is responsible for developing a strategy for his company’s presence on the various existing social media. This operation will enable it to meet the objectives determined in consultation with the departments concerned. It can be the communication department as well as the marketing or innovation department.

The Community manager ensures the development of the notoriety of a brand on Internet by :

  • Keeping a constant watch on the communities that may be linked to it in order to determine those that are likely to influence its positioning;
  • participating in the highlighting of the community’s values (language codes, social codes and culture in particular);
  • highlighting the objectives of the community with the agreement of a validation committee (brand promotion, customer information or product testing for example);
  • defining the indicators allowing the monitoring of the life of the community (quality of the answers and number of posts, among others);
  • Planning and monitoring online membership recruitment actions related to marketing via e-mail campaigns, sponsorships and partnerships.

Once the community around the brand has been created, the Community Manager takes care of its animation by :

  • turning existing members into information relays;
  • launching different topics that can lead to the sharing of experiences, the sharing of practices or the debate between consumers or Internet users;
  • Ensuring that the various ethical rules of the community are respected thanks to a moderation action on the contents generated by the Internet users;
  • managing the history and archiving of the data contained on the platform;
  • researching new and useful social media to increase the influence of the community;
  • performing various event-driven operations.

Depending on his role in the organization that assigns him, the Community Manager may also be required to contribute to the functional and technical development of a specific exchange platform. He will then have to report bugs, ensure the availability of the platform and optimize the coordination of improvement actions with the technical teams.

The CM will also have to monitor the audience of the different media of his community, the competitors and the evolution of the image of the brand, accompanied by a reporting of the communication operations engaged.

Why become a community manager?

With the development of the digital world, the recruitment of a Community Manager is of particular importance for companies wishing to increase their notoriety, acquire new customers, but also to retain their already converted prospects. By becoming a CM, you can interact with a large community of people around the world. These exchanges contribute to your personal development and this position can lead to new opportunities for evolution. You can become a project manager, web editorial manager, web communication manager or social media manager

How much does a community manager earn?

The remuneration of a community manager variesbetween 30 000 and 40 000 euros gross per year for a young graduate. An experienced executive can expect a salary ranging from 40,000 to 50,000 euros gross per year depending on his or her years of experience.

What are the educational requirements for becoming a Community Manager?

In order to become a community manager, it is recommended that you have a minimum of three years of higher education. You can turn to training programs focused on the communication sector, such as those offered by the advertising school Sup de Pub. It delivers diplomas recognized by the State, level 7 (Bac+5), in Brand Advertising Communication, Social Media Strategy and Marketing, Media Management and Production.

Updated 11 March 2024