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Studyin the heart of the Chartrons.

Students on the terrace of the Bordeaux campus

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Located five minutes from the city center by streetcar, the inspiring terrace overlooking the Garonne River offers a setting conducive to serene and efficient work. The dynamic regional economy and that of the Bordeaux metropolis offer many opportunities for professional integration, for an internship, a work-study program or a permanent contract at the end of your studies.

A school for serious people who don’t take themselves seriously, Sup de Pub Bordeaux is based on a demanding pedagogy, the content of which is constantly adapted to the local and national needs of a professional sector in constant evolution. This is how the editorial and brand content courses were born, to meet the increased demand from companies and institutions.
Deeply rooted in human beings, we do not see communication in any other way, whatever the channel of distribution. Because communication is, above all, people talking to people…

Magali Pineau-Pagliai

Directrice déléguée de Sup de Pub Bordeaux

Sup de Pub Bordeaux

Hangar 18 – Quai de Bacalan
33070 Bordeaux Cédex

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Information and admissions

Do not hesitate to make a personal appointment with the admissions team.

Frédérique ROUX – Appointment

Martial DESCUBES – Appointment

Contact Admissions Department

Tel : 05 56 50 24 66

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    Tuition fees in Bordeaux

    • Program SP1: 7 300 €.
    • Program SP2: 7 500 €.
    • SP3 program: €8,050
    • SP4 Program Initial/Classical Training: 9 300 €.
    • Program SP4 Work-study: 9 550 €.
    • SP5 Program Initial/Classical Training: €9,800
    • Program SP5 Work-study: 10 100 €.

    A deposit of 1100 € will be required at the time of pre-registration (150 € of which are non-refundable application fees, except for work-study). This deposit is included in the total tuition amount shown above.

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    Updated 13 May 2022