What are the jobs in the event industry?

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As you attend many events, you wonder who is in charge of organizing them and how? Are you interested and thinking about a career in the event industry? If this is the case, it is essential that you know exactly what jobs are in the event industry so that you can find the right job for you.

In summary:

Jobs in the event industry:

  • Divided into several families according to the many types of events that exist.
  • Are very numerous and different in order to satisfy and master all types of events.
  • Offer personal and professional fulfillment if you have the passion and natural qualities.
  • Recruit permanently.
  • Are easily accessible through work-study programs.
  • Adapt perfectly to the new era of technology and even expand their activities because of it.

What are the job families in the event industry?

The job families in the event industry are based on the different categories of events that exist today. Globally, we can cite the following:

  • professional events: trade shows, meetings, conventions;
  • sports events: competitions, sports charities;
  • cultural and artistic events: concerts, shows, exhibitions, festivals;
  • celebrations: birthdays, weddings, baptisms.

Moreover, an event generally requires the presence of several trades in the event industry. For example, in the context of a show such as a theater, the artistic and cultural project manager must logically collaborate with the show organizer. Indeed, an event always requires the work of several professionals to ensure its success.

What are the main jobs in the event industry?

The world of event management is very vast, and there are a wide range of jobs in the event management industry from which you can choose your future career. Here are the most popular ones:

Event Project Manager

As an event project manager, you are in charge of the organization and realization of all kinds of events. However, all of this must be done in accordance with the customer’s wishes and requirements. So you need to find the balance between these points and the original ideas you can propose.

Organizer of business events

If you want to become a business event organizer, versatility is an essential quality. In fact, you are responsible for all aspects of the event. Thus, you take care of all the communication supports, the activities and the smooth running of the event on the D-day. It is also your responsibility to set the budget for the service.

Event communication manager

The event communication manager must supervise the smooth running of the preparation of an event. At the same time, it is also his duty to make sure that this event reaches the target audience. In other words, the event communicator is in charge of the event and its marketing to the public.

Why do you want to work in the event industry?

First of all, the jobs in the event industry are very diverse, which allows you to find the one that best suits your passion. Secondly, they also force you to always surpass yourself, whether it be in creativity or organization. Finally, jobs in the event industry can easily open up other avenues for you because of the versatility you gain over time.

Are the event industry jobs recruiting?

The event industry is constantly recruiting as events are organized throughout the year. However, if you want to make sure you fit in, it is best to take a training course beforehand. This will allow you to distinguish yourself and more easily assume the responsibilities of your future position.

How many years does it take to train in the event industry?

To work in the event industry, a 5-year work-study program at SupdePub guarantees you a good position in the sector and at a more advanced level. With this in mind, start by taking a course of study in the creative field up to Bac +3.

After that, specialize in Event Strategy and Production for the last 2 years. If you would like to know more about the programs available, please contact us.

How are new technologies changing the jobs in the event industry?

Thanks to new technologies, the jobs in the event industry are becoming much more varied. Especially since this now allows for new event concepts, including online events. But also, it becomes easier to reach the target audience with upcoming events through different communication channels.


Updated 11 March 2024