What are the new digital jobs ?

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Digital technology is increasingly influencing the business world. Any sector can be impacted by the new digital and marketing professions. Indeed, they meet a growing demand for digital skills. Digital is an ever-evolving field, which can be a great stepping stone to finding a job. So, what are the new digital jobs?

why are we talking about new digital professions?

Most of the digital jobs have been created in the last few years. Businesses need professionals with advanced digital marketing skills to create content and optimize it for search engine and social media visibility.

All these new jobs are creating a new professional profile: the person in charge of the digital strategy. Today, the person in charge of the digital strategy must master the different techniques to make a place for himself on the job market.

what are the families of the new digital professions?

The families of the new digital professions are numerous. Digital can be seen as a sector of activity, which encompasses many areas. Indeed, digital, contrary to what many think, is not only used in the communication sector. It is also essential in marketing and IT. It is also used in engineering and especially in the field of big data.

what are the new digital jobs that are recruiting?

The digital professions are recruiting more and more. They are in high demand in various sectors. As new jobs, you have for example:

a Data scientist :

He is responsible for the collection, analysis and exploitation of digital data.

a Web Marketing Expert

A web marketing expert or e-marketing expert is someone who is particularly knowledgeable in the field of online marketing. Indeed, unlike traditional marketing, internet marketing is a very vast and complex field. E-marketing experts are therefore obliged to specialize in a particular sector. This can be for example the sale of e-commerce products and services, SEO analysis, search engine processing, email campaigns.

Digital transformation consultant

The digital transformation consultant is a specialist who helps companies transform themselves through information and communication technologies (ICT). His role is to design, implement and manage information systems transformation projects.

Chief digital officer

The Chief Digital Officer is a new position that has emerged with the development of the internet and new technologies. The CDO is a professional whose role is to optimize the company by exploiting the possibilities offered by new technologies. He must also have a long-term vision of the world of work, training, communication and sales.

Growth hacker

This person can also be called a “development hacker“. A growth hacker’s role is to use techniques and tactics to help a company achieve the results it has set for itself. To put it differently, a growth hacker is the one who will find the right ideas, the right marketing actions, the right tools to make a company grow by developing its turnover. He will therefore put all the chances on his side to increase the number of his customers and therefore the number of his sales.

SEO Manager and SEA Manager

An SEO Manager (Search Engine Optimization Manager) is the one who takes care of the promotion of a company on search engines. He will make sure to put all the chances on his side so that the Internet users find the company and buy their products or services.

A SEA Manager (Search Engine Advertising Manager) is the one who takes care of the paid referencing on search engines. Depending on the company’s budget, he will do his best to ensure that the company obtains positions on the first pages of the search results.

Which courses at Sup de Pub allow you to train for the new digital professions?

In France, the renowned communication school Sup de Pub offers 5-year courses to train for jobs in marketing, communication and management. Its specificity is to train students for all the professions in the sector and not just one.

Therefore, Sup de Pub offers training in digital thanks to the Communication & Digital Strategy specialization. This training is accessible from bac +4. Indeed, it is at this level that students will choose their specialization.


Updated 11 March 2024