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You welcome a Sup de Pub student in your company for a one, two or three year contract.
The purpose of this guide is to provide you with some advice and information on how to support your learner throughout their contract.

The role of the apprentice master or tutor

The function of the tutor or apprenticeship master can be carried out by the head of the company or one of his employees. As for the apprenticeship master, he/she must:

  • be of legal age and present guarantees of good character
  • to have obtained the diploma prepared by the young person and 2 years of professional experience in the trade OR to have 3 years of professional experience related to the diploma in question
  • follow a maximum of two learners and one repeating learner.

Two essential missions:

Training for the job:

  • Knowledge: to advise and accompany the young person in his general education.
  • Know-how: ensuring that the youth’s activity corresponds to the acquisition of practical knowledge.
  • Soft skills: to participate in the young person’s entry into working life and to inculcate in him the reflexes necessary for a good
    professional integration.

Support in the professional and social life of the learner

Submit your work-study/internship offers:



Submit your work-study/internship offers:

For your upper year academic registration or re-enrollment:
01 80 80 01 70

For the administrative management of your work-study contract:
01 80 80 01 70

For your internship or work-study search:
01 80 80 01 70

Corporate Relations Referent :
Laurence MALLE – 01 56 07 00 10
Courses SP1 to SP5
Houaria BENKADDOUR – 01 40 38 80 66

VAE/Certifications/Executive Training
Violaine LE DILY 06 20 71 62 62


Companies, you have an internship or work-study offer, contact us: – 05 56 00 69 32

If you would like to participate in our forums or job-dating events, please contact us: – 05 56 00 69 32


Management of student work-study contracts – 04 72 71 14 78

Search for internships / internships: 04 72 71 14 78

If you wish to participate in our forums or job datings, please contact us: – 04 72 71 14 78

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Updated 30 May 2023