What training should I do to work in the event industry?

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Do you want to make a career in the event industry by working for an agency or by starting your own business? The environment is still quite unknown to you and you want to be more familiar with the field? If you are looking for what training to do to work in the event industry, our article will enlighten you.

In summary:

  • You can work in the event industry without a degree as long as you have talent.
  • The ideal is to go through a training in event management, communication or tourism.
  • It is recommended to go through a school of communication and marketing.
  • The jobs of managers and directors are accessible with at least a baccalaureate + 5.
  • You need a lot of experience to land a big job with a Bachelor’s degree.

What training should I choose to work in the event industry?

To work in the event industry, you can choose to enter the world of work directly after the baccalaureate. However, this may be difficult as your network is still limited. It is then advisable to go through a school of communication and marketing or tourism to train yourself.

A Bac + 2

First of all, you can choose a training at the level of Bac + 2. It is generally a BTS or a DUT. Insofar as the BTS event management is still unavailable, you have the option of enrolling in a BTS communication or BTS tourism.

A bac + 3

You also have the possibility of doing a bachelor’s degree + 3 years. This normally corresponds to a bachelor’s degree or a pro license. If you have the ambition to build a career at the international level, you can also choose to do a Bachelor’s degree. For the latter, the teaching of English with other foreign languages is mandatory.

A bachelor’s degree

The ideal is to reach the baccalaureate + 5. This level corresponds to the master’s degree. This is usually a specialization. It gives you access to jobs in the event industry with great responsibility.

How long does it take to train to work in the event industry?

Your training to work in the event industry depends entirely on your motivation and the choice of your curriculum. If you want to work directly after a BTS, it will only take you 2 years. If you want to get a bachelor’s degree first, you must study for at least 3 years. If you plan to have a master’s degree, you must finish your studies in at least 5 years.

What training is offered at Sup de Pub to work in the event industry?

Join Supdepub to train for the event industry. From the baccalaureate + 1 to the baccalaureate + 5, you have a wide choice of training. All you have to do to make your choice is to consult the list of programs on the school’s website. If you are looking for more information on certain points, please consult the FAQ section of the site.

To work in the event industry, you can choose, for example, to study global communication in3rd year. From the4th year onwards, you are allowed to specialize in a particular field of study until the5th year. At Supdepub, you can study in particular :

What qualities should I have to apply for a training course to work in the event industry?

To be able to work in the event industry, you need to have certain qualities that may also be required to apply for an appropriate training. You must:

  • be passionate and creative;
  • love art since event management is an artistic profession;
  • must be organized;
  • have patience;
  • like to take initiatives and risks;
  • Must be comfortable communicating with people.

Is it possible to follow a work-study program and work in the event industry during the course?

Work-study is a great option for students who want to work in the event industry and study for a degree at the same time. Supdepub offers this alternative from the4th year. This not only allows you to practice the theories you learn in the company, but also to create your network.

If you opt for a work-study program, Supdepub gives you the opportunity to opt for creative fields in the4th year. For the5th year, it also offers digital and marketing courses.


Updated 11 March 2024