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Improving the user experience by designing products that are both ergonomic and enjoyable is one of the goals of UX Design. This user-centered design method is now receiving special attention from marketing professionals. However, this definition is not sufficient to encompass the many dimensions of this practice. A UX Design training is therefore necessary to initiate you and to consider the numerous perspectives offered by the UX Designer job.

What is UX design?

UX Design, also called User eXperience Design, is an approach that has the particularity of being user-centered. It allows to evaluate all aspects of the interaction of the users of a website with a product. This includes efficiency, ease of use, usability and ergonomics.

UX Design is a discipline that must be mastered by web designers, and more specifically the UX Designer. The UX Designer job has become a skill that is increasingly sought after by companies. Its role will be to allow users to easily orient themselves and find what they are looking for in the most efficient way possible.

The UX Designer must also take into account the company’s business objectives, such as traffic volume and increasing online sales.

How to become a UX designer?

A good UX Design training is necessary if you want to become a future UX designer. It allows you to train and familiarize yourself with all the basics of the UX approach. This training will also help you acquire the necessary skills to implement effective UX strategies.

It is important to note that consumer habits and user psychology are changing rapidly, following the rapid evolution of new technologies. Constant training in UX Design, but also in UI Design (User Interface Design), becomes essential. This will enable a UX strategy tailored to the requirements of the target users, adding value to the company’s marketing strategy.

The content of a UX design training

A UX Design training course usually covers the following different skills:

  • User research or UX Research;
  • the development of personas ;
  • information architecture;
  • the implementation of user tests (in real conditions of use);
  • the creation of interactive prototypes and wireframes to facilitate the structuring of design ideas;
  • Coordination of the various project stakeholders to optimize the results (provide a complete user experience);
  • Interaction Design;
  • usability evaluation;
  • mastery of Visual Design.

In addition to these areas, you will be able to develop the human qualities necessary for the profession of UX Designer (adaptability, intellectual curiosity, the desire to collaborate, leadership, humility, empathy, the desire to solve problems). It is also possible to specialize in a particular area of UX according to your desires. This ranges from Digital Product Design to Game Design, UX Writing and Service Design.

Salaries and career opportunities after a UX design training

The salary you can expect after a UX Design training can vary depending on your experience. It is around 40 000 € gross/year if you are a beginner. At an intermediate level, you can expect an average salary of €50,000 gross/year. And, if you are experienced, your remuneration can exceed €60,000 gross/year.

It is possible to land a UX Designer job in large companies, startups and communication and web agencies. You can also work as an independent or freelance UX Design expert. As for potential career paths, a UX Design training can allow you to become a UX Lead, User Researcher, Art Director or Web Project Manager.

Supdepub’s UX design training

The communication school Supdepub offers you its UX Design training “SP4 UX DESIGN & INNOVATION” to teach you the basics of this discipline. Classes and internships are scheduled alternately from April to September and September to April.

Different evaluation modalities will be put in place to validate each year of study. This includes quizzes, role playing, case studies, competitions, and final exams. The validation is done by obtaining 60 ECTS. In addition, there is time in the company. OMNES Education digital library with free access, professional support, immersion and quality pedagogy, everything is done to help you succeed.

Admission requirements for our UX design course

To be admitted to Supdepub’s UX Design program, you must have a bachelor’s degree validated by 180 ECTS. It is also possible to register if you have a “level 6” certification or an equivalent certification (management, digital, marketing or communication). However, you will have to take the admission tests.

The objectives of the training

Our UX Design training will allow you to:

  • accumulate the knowledge and skills necessary to create effective innovation strategies for brands;
  • learn to define and implement digital marketing and communication strategies;
  • learn how to manage and coordinate digital marketing tools;
  • learn to lead teams;
  • to manage a service or a digital communication agency;
  • to design data-driven marketing strategies.

The main objective is to provide you with the necessary expertise to optimize the online customer journey. You will discover the basics of user-centric design to understand and master it, before implementing it for your future clients.


Updated 11 March 2024