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You work for a brand or already have your own and want to develop it and make it more visible on the market? You need to adopt the right marketing strategy to achieve this. It’s about knowing how to identify and apply the right approach, which usually requires training beforehand. Learn how to create a marketing strategy.

In summary:

Marketing strategy:

  • Has all its reason to be to promote a brand.
  • Consists of studying the clientele, the market and the competition.
  • Is taught in communication and/or advertising schools.
  • Is created from precise studies and analyses.

What is a marketing strategy?

The marketing strategy is the set of all operations undertaken to develop a company and/or a brand. From analysis to plan development and execution, it’s all part of the marketing strategy. This is an important part of the B2B prospecting strategy.

In order to master the marketing strategy, it is necessary to be trained in marketing. That said, if you want to promote a brand, you can also learn the necessary skills at a communications or advertising school.

At Supdepub, you can choose to specialize in Brand Strategy in your3rd year. For your4th year, you can opt for communication and graphic design. If you are ambitious and want to take your brand to the international level, you can choose to studyinternational brand strategy & marketing.

For more information on the programs available to master the marketing strategy, you can consult the FAQ section of the site.

How to create a marketing strategy for your brand?

If you want to create a marketing strategy for your brand, you should follow these steps.

  • you have to define what your brand’s strengths are. This can be about its intrinsic values and its pluses compared to other brands;
  • you must take into account its weaknesses. It is a question of listing everything that can hinder its development;
  • you must study the possible opportunities around the brand and thus seek the way to promote it;
  • you must consider the different threats. Most often it is about competition and market trends.

How to define your marketing objectives?

In becoming an expert in developing an effective marketing strategy, you must go through the process of determining its objectives. To do this, you need to define your brand’s priorities. These are the ones that you should particularly emphasize by promoting them. Normally, you should always base yourself on the needs and preferences of your customers.

How to analyze the market and competitors?

Nowadays, there are various ways to analyze the market and competitors. Whether you’re looking to grow a business or a brand, it’s important to conduct a survey. To do this, you can use digital tools and the web. It is also imperative to stay in tune with customers while keeping an eye on the competition.

How to define the profile of its customers to target them properly?

To develop your business or your brand, it is essential to define the profile of your customers in order to better target them. With this in mind, you need to be aware of their reactions to your products. Among other things, be open to any feedback and/or comments that customers leave on the various social networks. Also, stay tuned to their needs.

How do you set up an action plan and stick to it?

To succeed in your project to promote your brand or your company, preliminary analysis is essential. You need to study your potential customers as well as the trends in the market. You also have to think in the long term to ensure the sustainability of your project and/or your investments.

That said, the best way to stick with it is to make a plan and set goals. It is also very effective to set a time limit for yourself to achieve small goals and to do so until you succeed in the project.


In short, the marketing strategy is applicable to all kinds of activities. It is imperative to promote a brand and make it known in the market. Marketing strategy always involves analyzing customer needs and the competition as well as the evolution of the market. This is to give you the opportunity to adjust your goals and action plans.


Updated 11 March 2024