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Communication is a sector in which there is no lack of jobs. Whether you want to enter marketing communications, public relations, or communications consulting, communications is a growing field in many countries. But how to train in communication? An overview of this training that is attracting more and more students.

what studies to do to train in communication ?

Business schools offer short courses, 2 to 3 years. They are very much in demand by young graduates such as Bachelors. These studies are also accessible to holders of a baccalaureate + 3 or even a baccalaureate + 4.

You can train in schools specialized in communication. You will receive specialized and personalized training.

Studies in communication in Bac +2

In Bac +2, you will have the opportunity to reinforce your knowledge from the first year. Since the first year is basic, you can make a choice about which course to take in the second year, which is a specialized course.

studies in communication in bac+3

In Bac +3 in communication training, you will reinforce your chosen specialties in the second year. You can also easily enter the world of work with your SP3 certificate.

Studies in communication in bac +4 and bac + 5

Communication studies at the baccalaureate +3 or baccalaureate +4 level are more specialized and professionally oriented.
They allow students to acquire an RNCP certificate recognized by the Ministry of Education. It is also possible to follow sandwich courses from the Bac +4 level upwards.

why would you want to train in communication?

The communications business is constantly evolving, and needs new ideas and new ways of thinking.

This training allows students and professionals to develop their communication skills.

They need to acquire communication skills, such as verbal expression and public speaking. The student is led to structure his thoughts, to communicate them and to have them accepted by others.

But communication is no longer limited to traditional methods.

It has evolved a lot with the emergence of digital. Thus, for a company to succeed in the market, it must have a visibility on the web. Thus, several branches are born out of communication training. Students can thus choose to opt for digital communication, an important position in any company.

how to apply to Sup de Pub to train in communication ?

As part of your application to the various communication masters programs, you must complete an online application form. To register for Sup de Pub, you must fill out the online registration form on the website. You will also need to provide a cover letter, resume and school certificate.

Once your registration file is validated, your registration is immediately taken into account. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail indicating the next step to take. You can contact our admissions officers for more information. It should be noted that admission to Sup de Pub is by competitive examination. The beginning of the course is set in September.

how to train in communication while being paid thanks to work-study programs?

The Sup de Pub school of communication offers you the possibility to follow a training and to start a professional career while being paid. Discover on our site all the study opportunities and their modalities to train in communication and get a qualified job.

Work-study programs in communication start at the bac+4 and bac+5 levels. Students will have the opportunity to alternate theoretical courses with practical training in a company.

The apprenticeship contract and the professionalization contract are two very common forms of alternating training. These are fixed-term employment contracts. Here, it lasts 24 months. There is also a work-study contract that allows companies to hire young people who have validated their diploma.

what are the professional opportunities for communication training?

There are several career opportunities for communication courses. Graduates of these programs are often employed in the communications field, such as marketing or publishing. However, other sectors of activity may also be interested in these people. This is especially true for large companies that are looking to enhance their brand image.

The communication and advertising professions are promising sectors.

They allow young graduates to have interesting professional opportunities and to grow professionally. Communication jobs offer good career prospects, but they also require a significant personal investment.


Updated 21 February 2023