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The Digital Product Manager job is one of those professions that combine digital technology skills with marketing skills. It consists in creating digital products and/or services, while ensuring the follow-up from A to Z by relying on the organization and the mastery of the Digital world.

What is a Digital Product Manager?

The Digital Project Manager is a specialist who coordinates all phases related to the implementation of a digital project (internet or mobile). He ensures the success of website, mobile application and/or software projects. Other more specific projects may also require its intervention. This ranges from brand content projects to web marketing projects, affiliate programs, SEO, content creation and database building.

The digital project manager is often confused with the product manager. However, although these two professionals may work in partnership, they do not do the same work. Indeed, the Digital Project Manager is in charge of the management of a project. On the other hand, the Product Manager works more specifically in the application of a marketing action plan established beforehand with the Digital Project Manager.

What are the missions of the Digital Product Manager?

The Digital Product Manager is required to carry out a wide range of tasks related to the production stages of a website, a mobile application or a software tool. This starts from the conceptualization of the project and ends once the delivery to the customer is completed. It also intervenes in the drafting, management and respect of the established specifications. This document includes mentions such as the quality of the deliverable, the budget allocated to the project and the deadlines.

In concrete terms, the Digital Product Manager or Digital Consultant is entrusted with the creation of a specificdigital project. He is in charge of establishing a roadmap indicating all the functionalities desired and expected by the target users. Since digital products do not require significant production costs, unlike physical products, the avenues for improvement are varied. It is up to the digital product manager to think about which ones to explore to optimize the user experience. This mission is carried out continuously once the product is launched on the market.

The Digital Product Manager also manages marketing campaigns aimed at promoting the products for which he/she is responsible. These advertising operations can take the form of advertising spots on websites or improvements in search engine optimization. They are also likely to present themselves as Internet traffic acquisitions. The Digital Consultant will have to select the most efficient marketing tools to promote and improve the notoriety of his products.

The analysis over time of the performance of the products entrusted to him is also one of the roles of the Digital Product Manager. To do this, it must rely on performance indicators or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These will allow him to quantify the rate of use as well as user satisfaction, and ultimately, to launch corrective measures in line with the company’s strategy.

Why become a Digital Product Manager?

Becoming a Digital Product Manager gives you access to many opportunities as an employee of a company within a marketing department, a startup, a Digital Services Company (DSC) or a web agency.

Indeed, these companies are actively looking for Digital Product Managers to lead their digital integration projects, generating more and more valued and recurring job offers. A Digital Product Manager can work in all types of sectors and move on to other positions such as Digital Manager or International Product Manager.

How much does a Digital Product Manager earn?

The compensation of a Digital Product Manager varies considerably depending on the region in which they are based and the size of the company that employs them. However, the average annual salary for this type of provider is 40,000 euros. Then, depending on his or her level of experience, he or she can earn between 30,000 euros gross/year (early career) and 65,000 euros gross/year (late career).

What studies are required to become a Digital Product Manager?

There are various training programs that allow you to become a Digital Product Manager, which are presented as a 3 or 5 year degree program. An advertising school, such as Sup de Pub, offers professional training that is perfectly suited to the job market. This ranges from a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Design or Visual & Digital Design to a Master’s degree in Innovation Marketing & New Business.

Updated 11 March 2024