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By joining Sup de Pub, you have access to many useful educational resources. These will help you to live your schooling with more ease and are a precious help in your daily life.

What resources can Sup de Pub students use during their studies?

In addition to the services offered to you as a student at Sup de Pub (help in finding accommodation, financing your studies, associative life), you have the possibility of using various digital resources during your studies. They are common to all the schools of the OMNES Education group, of which Sup de Pub is a part. They are also designed to accompany you throughout your education and focus on innovation.

Thus, resources such as the NEMO portal aim to help you in your search for an internship or work-study program. Others such as “Bienvenue en France” and Pardon my French are aimed at international students arriving in France. Others, like Boostcamp and SHIFT(s), offer a new and fun learning experience.

Finally, there are schemes such as PACT that are designed to encourage your civic commitment to humanitarian, social or environmental associations.

How to find an internship or a work-study program with NEMO?

The professionalization of students is an important part of Sup de Pub. The school trains operational and versatile profiles who know how to adapt to the demands of the working world. So, whatever your course of study, you will have the opportunity to do internships in a company or a work-study program during your studies.

To help you in your job search, Sup de Pub provides you with the NEMO platform. On this portal, you will be able to find all the internship, work-study and job offers from the school’s partner companies. As a reminder, Sup de Pub has more than 4,500 partner companies such as Orange, TF1 Pub, Canal+, Chanel or Havas.

With NEMO, upload your resume online, apply for jobs and track your applications. You can also contact the school’s corporate relations department for more in-depth support.

Which resources offered by Sup de Pub allow you to learn in a different way?

Digital transformations are pushing schools to rethink their pedagogical logic. Naturally, the transmission of knowledge is evolving, relying more and more on digital and playful resources such as Boostcamp and SHIFT(s). These two initiatives are offered to you at Sup de Pub.

Change the way you learn with Boostcamp, your digital best friend

Accessible on computer, mobile or tablet, Boostcamp is the learning platform you will use during your course. Find on this platform all the services and resources useful to your student life: notes, daily, weekly and monthly planning, didactic and pedagogical tools or even playful exercises inspired by series and video games.

Better yet, no matter what your major or degree is, you can access online courses from all other OMNES Education schools. Thus, even if you have chosen to study communication at Sup de Pub, you have the possibility to study business, engineering, management, creation or political science. It is a real opportunity to acquire new skills for a professional project or simply to enrich your knowledge!

Better understand the world with SHIFT(s) transdisciplinary programs

In addition to training creative and qualified profiles, Sup de Pub trains enlightened professionals! To this end, the school offers the SHIFT(s) programs, which allow students to examine the cultural, social, environmental, political and technological changes in our world.

Through unique lectures and masterclasses, you will sharpen your view of the world and develop various skills. You will be able to value this knowledge thanks to academic and professional certifications.

Why use the “Welcome to France” course and the Pardon my French game when you are a foreign student?

Each year, Sup de Pub welcomes students from all over the world to train in communication and marketing. Nevertheless, taking your first steps in a new country is never easy! Aware of this, the school offers two resources to international students to facilitate their installation: the “Welcome to France” course and the immersive game Pardon my French.

Available on Boostcamp in English and French, the “Welcome to France” course helps students improve their language skills and better understand the cultural codes of the country. They are also accompanied in their personal and administrative procedures before their arrival in France.

In this course, you can play Pardon my French. This game features Alice, a Japanese student discovering her campus, as well as the joys and surprises of life in France. By helping him in his quest for a serene settlement, you learn yourself about the particularities of French society. Inventive and original, this resource will make you perfect Frenchies!

How to get involved in a solidarity cause during your studies with PACT?

For many students, giving meaning to their education, and then to their professional career, becomes a factor of fulfillment. Do you want to get involved in a project with values and participate in a positive transformation of the world around you? The PACT (Program of Citizen Action in the Field)initiative is for you!

Offered to first-time students (entering their first year at Sup de Pub), PACT allows you to take part in volunteer missions within the structures of the SOS Group, Europe’s leading social enterprise. For example, you could participate in outreach activities, lead reading workshops in daycare centers or supervise a social networking campaign for a solidarity grocery store.

By confronting students with cultural, social, ecological or health issues, PACT makes you actors of change!

Updated 30 May 2023