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The web developer is a growing profession that perfectly meets the current job market. It consists in implementing a strategy for the design and development of websites and applications. To become a web developer, you can join a communication school, and pursue a UI design and digital design training.

What is a Web Developer?

The web developer is the one who ensures the presentation and/or the functioning of a site or a web solution. He is in charge of the development of web platforms and applications. To have the necessary skills for this job, you must master certain programming languages. The developer must also know how to handle the different browsers and integration tools. In addition, they must be able to explore and exploit new tools.

The developer can only deal with the development of the functional side of the site. In this case, it is called Backend developer. On the other hand, if he is only in charge of programming the interface visible to Internet users, he is a frontend developer. If he develops both the technical side and the interface of the site, he is classified as a Fullstack developer.

What are the missions of the Web Developer?

The main missions of a developer depend on the type of computer development to be done. In any case, it is supposed to incorporate elements useful for the presentation or technical functioning of a web content. If he develops the interface of a site, he must ensure the aesthetic and intuitive side of this interface. He must make a responsive site, to give a good browsing experience to users on all types of devices.

A developer who is in charge of the functioning of the site must avoid and correct bugs during and after the design. In all cases, a web developer is expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Conducting a site design and programming strategy, based on a ;
  • Technical and technological monitoring to solve any problem related to the presentation and operation of the site;
  • the implementation of the best technologies and best practices to master the various constraints of the site;
  • drafting of documentation;
  • the realization of unit and functional tests, in case of absence of testers;
  • bug fixes.

Why become a web developer?

Web development is one of the best paid and continuously evolving web professions. The possibilities are numerous for a web developer at a time when the Internet is exploited in all fields.

If you are passionate about IT development, and if technological developments arouse your curiosity, this job is for you. Moreover, a web developer can work on his own or as an employee.

How much does a web developer earn?

You can enjoy a salary that is largely commensurate with your performance if you work as a web developer. Although freelance developers can earn more by negotiating their rates, a salaried developer can also earn a good living.

At the beginning of their career, they can earn an average net monthly salary of €3,000. If you choose to start your career in a large company, you will be paid much more. You can earn up to €45,000 gross per year, or €3,700 gross per month. With experience, it is possible to earn up to €65,000 gross per year.

What are the requirements to become a Web Developer?

There are several paths to becoming a web developer and some people can even get there without a specific diploma. E-learning solutions are also available to learn about computer development. This is the most popular option for self-taught developers.

On the other hand, if you are aiming for a well-paid position and a career in this profession, follow a professional training. The communication school Sup de Pub offers more secure courses. You can choose one to make it easier to convince recruiters to hire you as a web developer.

To choose this path, you integrate one of our campuses in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Rennes, or abroad. You will acquire the practical knowledge needed to design and develop meaningful websites. Among the courses of study to choose from, you have:

  • SP3 Visual & Digital Creation ;
  • SP4/SP5 UI & Digital Design;
  • SP5 Digital Marketing, Innovation & Start-up Project.
Updated 8 June 2023