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Do you want to hold a key position in a company or do you want to set up your own business and have your own company? You absolutely need a good strategy to promote yourself and your products and/or services. In any case, it’s good marketing that you need. Find out why you should take a marketing course.

In summary:

Doing a marketing course:

  • Allows you to have a good command of different sectors including communication, finance and business.
  • Requires choosing a good business and marketing school or communication and advertising school.
  • Is required to acquire the technical skills needed in the marketing and sales field.
  • Gives you the opportunity to get into a job you love right from the start.

Why train in marketing?

Whatever your industry, but especially if you work in sales, marketing training is a must. It allows you to know the different operations and procedures that must be carried out to develop your business. This involves, among other things, conducting a market study and analyzing it in order to develop a business development strategy.

Doing a marketing course will give you the complete technical skills to work in the industry. This is important because the competition is getting tougher with the arrival of many new companies.

If you get into a good communications school, you naturally become versatile. Indeed, marketing is opening up to many other sectors including business, finance, communication, advertising and events.

Therefore, training in marketing gives you access to many opportunities for both your studies and your professional career.

What is marketing?

Marketing is the set of strategies used to ensure the smooth running of sales activities or the promotion of products and/or services. This is an important area that is closely linked to the field of commerce and communication. That said, you need to have the analytical skills and patience to work in this sector on an ongoing basis.

What are the benefits of a marketing education?

Marketing training has many benefits that you should be aware of.

  • It is multidisciplinary and therefore aims to make you versatile;
  • It can usually be done in alternating years, which gives you more flexibility;
  • it gives you access to many opportunities;
  • it gives you the opportunity to hold various positions;
  • it always contributes to improve your communication and your relationship.

H2: What training should I do to work in marketing?

To work in marketing, it is best to train in a school of business and marketing or communication and advertising. There are always jobs you can get into depending on the degree you have. Even if you can easily find a job in marketing with a BTS equivalent to a bachelor’s degree, it is best to take at least a bachelor’s degree.

Since marketing is also opening up internationally, you can take a bachelor’s degree instead of a licence, which is equivalent to a bac + 3. Of course, the ideal is to reach the baccalaureate + 5 to have the required profile and occupy a position of manager or director.

What are the marketing professions?

Marketing jobs are varied and there are jobs for all levels of study and for all specializations. When you first start out, you can start as a sales assistant or sales agent. You can then progress and be promoted to the position of manager. For example, you can become a product manager. With the necessary experience, you can eventually rise to the position of marketing manager.

Discover the marketing courses at Sup de Pub

Supdepub can train you in marketing. It is simply a matter of finding your way through the many programs offered that you can easily find on our site. Among other things, you can choose to study brand strategy in yourthird year. For the4th and5th year, you can choose to specialize in CSR Marketing and Communication, for example.

For information on admissions and other programs available, please visit the FAQ section of the site.


Updated 11 March 2024