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You have a passion for marketing and want to work in the field? Do you find it difficult to choose between the different marketing professions? Don’t know which ones are the most popular and interesting to you? Find out in this article which job to do in marketing.

In summary:

Marketing jobs:

  • Are as numerous as varied.
  • May affect different sectors.
  • Pay according to the position and your level of study.
  • Are easier to access after a marketing or communication school.

What job should I do in marketing?

In order to know which job to do in marketing, it is essential that you know the main jobs available in this sector. Then you need to find out what qualities and skills each one requires. Once you know all this, you can choose the job that suits you best.

Marketing jobs: Marketing research officer

A marketing profession that is recruiting a lot these days is that of marketing research officer. Virtually all companies need them regardless of their business. When you enter this profession, you will be responsible for collecting marketing data and analyzing it. The purpose is to check the evolution of the company’s business and to make changes if necessary.

Marketing jobs: Media research manager

With the evolution of technology and digital, the media researcher also occupies an important place within a company. He is particularly involved in digital marketing. Communication schools such as Supdepub offer training adapted to this profession.

For example, you can choose to study UI and digital design, or communication and audiovisual production. To consult all Supdepub’s programs, go to the site and go to the FAQ section to find answers to your questions.

Marketing jobs: Marketing product manager

In marketing, you may have to promote many products. When you are a product marketing manager, you are responsible for developing one of these. You then study the percentage of sales and customer returns. From these, it is up to you to establish an effective strategy to promote the product and ensure its development.

Marketing jobs: Advertising manager

As an advertising manager, you will be in charge of coordinating all the operations required to implement an advertisement. You need to be a technician for this position, but you also need to be creative and have an artistic and imaginative mind.

Marketing jobs: Copywriter

Design and writing are also among the most important tasks in marketing. Most often taught in communication, they are very useful in marketing, especially for promoting a product through advertising. When deciding to work in these areas, make sure you are also strong in communication.

Marketing jobs: Data manager

In marketing, you may need to collect and manipulate a lot of data. From these, you conduct studies and analyses to monitor the company’s business development. You are in charge by becoming a data manager.

Marketing jobs: Art director

The job of art director is one of the most sought after jobs in marketing. This is a responsible position that requires you to coordinate the implementation of an artistic project. By accessing it, you have to manage a whole team to guarantee the execution of the project.

Marketing jobs : Graphic Designer

In the field of marketing, and more precisely in advertising, the graphic designer plays an important role. It intervenes in particular during the “branding” as well as to work out an effective strategy to promote a product and/or a service.

Marketing jobs : Illustrator

With the evolution of digital and therefore the emergence of digital marketing, companies need more and more an illustrator. It is a profession that is starting to recruit a lot and that pays rather well.

Marketing jobs: Traffic manager

The traffic manager also plays an important role in the marketing department of a company. He is the one who is primarily responsible for the exchanges concerning the products and/or services and ensures that they run smoothly.

Marketing jobs : Webdesigner

Still with the emergence of digital marketing, the Webdesigner is part of the new marketing professions. It is also a profession of the future insofar as digital tools are constantly being developed. The Webdesigner is responsible for using them to promote the company’s products and/or services.


Updated 11 March 2024