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You have excellent organizational skills, are creative and have a keen eye for detail? You are patient, have good interpersonal skills and master the art of communication? But above all, you are creative and want to help please all types of customers? Find out how to work in events, an industry you can excel in.

In summary:

  • You must love the field of event management to make it a profession.
  • You need a lot of passion and creativity to excel in the industry.
  • You can learn the technical skills you need at an advertising school.
  • You must be patient and have the ability to listen to satisfy customers.

How to work in the event industry?

The first thing you need to look out for when considering working in events is to love the field. This is an area where you cannot excel or even start your business if you lack the passion. Even though it requires many technical skills, it is your personal qualities that are most important in this field.

You do need to be creative and put your talent to work for clients with different tastes. You must also have the patience to be attentive to all their requests and try to answer them as much as possible.

That said, the best way to learn about the profession and the environment is to attend an advertising school like Supdepub. You can go directly to our website to consult our available programs and in the FAQ section to find answers to your possible questions.

What are the jobs in the event industry?

The advantage of working in the event industry is that you have a wider choice of jobs to do. For example, you can choose to become :

  • event project manager ;
  • show organizer ;
  • organizer of cultural and artistic events;
  • exhibition curator ;
  • artistic and cultural project manager ;
  • event communication manager.

The most important thing is to work in a profession in which you can use all your creativity to flourish in your work.

The different activities in the event industry

If you choose to work in the event industry, then you should know that you will have to perform many related activities. Apart from the organization of an event itself, your mission is to manage customer relations in order to ensure the satisfaction of your clients.

Apart from that, you can also become a budget manager or a supervisor and sometimes even a technician. In other words, all activities that relate to the event you are preparing can easily become your tasks.

What are the big event companies?

To excel in your profession or to efficiently start your business, you can take inspiration from the great event companies. For the most popular ones, we can mention

  • Endless Events are leaders in organizing different corporate events;
  • eSax, a great event company that excels in organizing live events;
  • Lunchpool that dominates the market by delivering all kinds of food during events;
  • Lan infotech, specialist in the organization of virtual events;
  • Onezone, which stands out for organizing exhibitions and recruitment events.

How to apply for a job in the event industry?

Do you want to work in the event industry and enter a particular profession in the sector? The best way to do this is to submit an unsolicited application. You have to clearly state in your cover letter your interest in a particular position. Since this can be time consuming, it is advisable to apply to several cities at once.

If you feel you have the experience and talent to get started, you can also choose to be an entrepreneur. You can set up a project, create your own event company and offer your own services.

What kind of training to work in the event industry?

Event management is a profession that requires, in addition to creativity, a lot of know-how. To acquire the skills you need more quickly, you can choose to do a work-study program. This way you can get a degree in the field and work at the same time to be more experienced. This is an alternative available at Supdepub.

In the4th year, for example, you can simply enroll in the creative streams. You can do the same in grade5. This is to better understand the cultural and creative industries. The aim of the training is to learn how to master cultural events. You can develop your talent for designing and producing content. In addition, you can gain a better understanding of the specifics of the cultural sector.


Updated 11 March 2024