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Communication training provides skills in project management, consulting, crisis management, research, methodology and monitoring. Communication studies also offer learning opportunities in graphic design or brand animation. Are you planning to study in the field of communication? You are wondering where to study communication. Here are a few tips to help you make sense of the jungle of communication courses.

where is it possible to study communication?

Do you want to study communication? There aremany universities and schools that offer communication studies programs.

  • you can enroll in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in communication. You can also choose a field close to communication in college and then continue your studies in a specialized school. The same applies to the BTS;
  • you can also enroll in a business school to pursue an MBA. In this case, you will have courses on communication, and training to learn how to conduct marketing research and create your own marketing action plan;
  • you can also choose another way. There are schools of communication that offer training from bac+1 to bac +5. They deliver RNCP certificates, recognized by the State;
  • you can also enroll in a school specializing in communication. These schools offer short, highly specialized courses.

why study communication in BTS?

In BTS, you will have a complete training, but you will also be able to benefit from a career path prepared and structured in advance. In order to succeed in your training or to specialize in a field, you will later be required to enter a university.

This way, as soon as you join the company, you will be able to develop your business and use your skills.

At the end of your training, you will be able to work in communication and information:

  • public relations ;
  • community manager ;
  • press relations ;
  • customer relationship ;
  • writer in written or multimedia communication.

why study communication at university?

Is college really the best option for learning the fundamentals of communication? Communication is a high level field. It is important to obtain a university degree in order to get a stable and well-paid job. You have several choices: bachelor’s degree, pro license, master’s degree. The master’s degree in communication is seen as a certification by employers, and they are looking for experienced professionals who can offer companies the best possible experience. So when you are in college classes, you have the opportunity to try different options and learn about the fields of your choice.

This means that you can choose courses in which you want to specialize. For example, if you are a film buff, you can choose courses that focus on the film industry. If you like working in marketing, you can choose courses that will teach you everything you need to know. In this sense, you can validate your bachelor’s degree in communication and then continue your master’s degree in a school of communication or advertising. You can also opt for a work-study program, allowing you to discover the professional world.

why study communication in a specialized school?

Studying in a specialized school offers more career options. You won’t just have positions in business and public relations. A specialized school gives you the opportunity to have a degree that will allow you to work in various fields, such as digital marketing, advertising, marketing, public relations.

The specialized school is as good as the university. You will receive personalized attention. You will be able to do project work and this will help you develop your creativity and skills. Training in specialized schools is focused on the professionalization of students. That’s why schools often organize meetings with communication experts to share their knowledge and experience.

You will also learn a large number of topics that will allow you to choose your own professional path. You will have the opportunity to learn how to create and use advertising templates, to deliver messages that reach the public.

These courses will help prepare you for senior management positions in the communications industry. These courses are also very useful for starting your own business if you want to work as an advertising or marketing designer.

In which city can you study communication?

You can take the communication training in several cities. The most famous city for a communication training with sup de pub is Paris. But the school of communication is also located in Lyon, Bordeaux and Rennes.


Updated 11 March 2024