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Luxury marketing is a set of commercial strategies aimed at promoting luxury products or services. It is implemented to seduce customers ready to pay dearly for rarity, originality and refinement. Do you want to work in this field? Think about mastering the code of luxury in the targeted sector by following a professionalization course.

What is luxury marketing?

Luxury marketing is similar to classical marketing. Only, it is focused on the promotion of high-end products or services. In this sense, the offers proposed in luxury marketing reflect quality, refinement and elegance. It is about selling original and rare products or services, according to the values specific to the sector of activity concerned.

Luxury customers are very demanding and have a high income level. To meet their needs, the players in the field must be very convincing and communicative. With this in mind, luxury marketing must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • mastering marketing and brand communication strategies;
  • to pilot marketing actions combining luxury and the artistic side;
  • encourage the sharing of luxury products or services on communication channels;
  • conform to the codes of luxury in the sector concerned, by privileging rarity, elegance and emotion.

What are the reasons for doing luxury marketing?

Luxury marketing is about going beyond the utility and function of the products offered. The most important thing is to highlight the particularities of the brands. One of the reasons to do luxury marketing is to be able to offer high quality items at a high price. Instead of promoting utility, we sell symbolic value.

If you work in the luxury sector, you can easily broaden your horizons, thanks to your interpersonal skills. Luxury marketing campaigns are many and varied. Personal opportunities are also to be seized in this field. The reason is simple: luxury players deal with people who are financially comfortable.

How to be part of the luxury sector?

With all the interesting attractions of the luxury sector, it is only natural that you want to take advantage of them. How can you get into this high-end middle ground? Quite simply, by specializing in the sector through professional training and a career path. To make the measure of luxury a reality, one must learn to :

  • communicate easily;
  • stand out in the offer to gain points on the rare aspect of luxury;
  • Demonstrate quality on luxury products or services;
  • to privilege the craft or artistic know-how;
  • seize opportunities to expand the profitability of luxury;
  • know the luxury brands, and choose a more profitable sector;
  • master the codes of luxury.

What are the educational requirements for working for luxury brands?

To work for luxury brands, the most interesting thing is to train for the job at a communications school. Our Sup de Pub school offers several branches of study that will allow you to access the luxury industry more easily. You can study at any of our campuses in France or abroad.

You can start with an SP3 brand strategy course to improve your interpersonal skills. The SP4/SP5 Brand Strategy and Strategic Planning program also allows you to perfect your skills in brand communication. To specialize in luxury marketing and master the codes of luxury, opt for the SP4/SP5 Communication and Marketing of Luxury program.

What are the professions in luxury marketing?

The professions of the luxury industry are very diversified, as the field of luxury encompasses several sectors of activity. In general, to become a luxury marketing manager, you must join a fashion, jewelry, perfume or textile company. Gastronomy and the hotel industry are also part of the luxury sector. To make the profession of luxury marketing, you can become :

  • product manager for luxury marketing ;
  • Brand Sales Manager ;
  • collection manager for luxury goods ;
  • luxury buyer ;
  • merchandising manager ;
  • event manager ;
  • production manager for luxury products.


Updated 11 March 2024