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Companies, whatever their sector of activity, cannot do without the services of digital marketing professionals. The jobs in this sector are diversified and can be exercised by literary as well as scientific and technical people. Focus on digital marketing jobs.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to everything that is related to marketing activities deployed online. Websites and social networks are mainly the means used to get in touch with customers. Like all the basics of marketing strategy, the ways of interacting with customers must be perfectly worked out.

In addition, everything is digitized and it is easier for the company to connect with its audiences at the right time and place. In addition, digital marketing can take the form of e-mail marketing, referencing or commercial links.

The main jobs in digital marketing

There are many jobs that you can do after completing a digital marketing course . However, when we talk about the digital marketing profession, it involves the following professions:

community manager: the management of a company’s social network pages is the main mission of a community manager. He creates original posts for his followers to share with their circle. Moreover, the contents of the publications must be well structured and follow the rules of referencing;

Digital project manager: he is the first person responsible for the transition of a company to digital by coordinating operations related to digital marketing. He also coordinates the company’s digital projects with, among others, the developers and webmasters.

SEO: his main role is to improve the visibility of the company’s website on the web. To do this, he uses online referencing tools to analyze the web data of the site in question.

webdesigner: the success of a company’s visual communication depends on the work of the webdesigner. He takes in hand the realization of the visual identity of a website with graphic illustrations, animations and banners.

The digital marketing professions that are developing the most

Although the digital marketing professions are very vast and diversified, the professions that are developing the most are :

web editor: the work of web editors consists of creating textual content for communication and marketing media. The quality of the texts must be impeccable, both in terms of form and content.

UX Designer : the success of a website or an application depends on the user’s experience. That’s why the UX Designer must put himself in the place of the Internet user to make the navigation intuitive and the contents user-friendly.

Growth Hacker : this digital marketing professional must be versatile. It ensures the accelerated growth of a start-up or a new product by creating their reputation.

Key qualities and skills to work in digital marketing

If you want to join the digital marketing profession, you must have the following qualities and skills:

  • have good writing skills;
  • Have a creative and innovative mind;
  • listening to the targets;
  • have some knowledge of SEO;
  • be comfortable with new technologies;
  • have an interest in new trends;
  • be sociable to expand your professional network;
  • Be empathetic to understand the needs of users and others.

The other specific qualities and skills required to enter the digital marketing profession depend on the specialties of each individual.

What training should I get to work in digital marketing?

Several post-baccalaureate courses in digital marketing are available. Depending on the level of study to be reached and the specialty to be aimed at, you can access the :

  • BTS Digital Marketing;
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing;
  • Licence Pro Digital Marketing ;
  • Bachelor Digital Marketing ;
  • Master Digital Marketing ;
  • MBA Digital Marketing;
  • Msc Digital Marketing ;
  • Specialized Master in Digital Marketing.

Training in digital marketing at Supdepub.

You can follow several digital training courses at Supdepub after the baccalauréat. The ones that easily lead you to the digital marketing professions are the paths :

  • communication: accessible from the first year, this training allows you to have a good basis on the techniques and tools of digital marketing;
  • communication & digital : this second year course teaches you the fundamentals of communication and digital culture;
  • visual & digital creation: this is an in-depth training on the transformation from idea to design, visual concept, digital campaigns and creative culture;
  • UX Design & innovation: to acquire the fundamentals of user experience, you will be led to analyze trends and master the digital ecosystem;

Digital Management & Social Media: this is a program that trains you to become a manager in a digital agency.


Updated 11 March 2024