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There are many and varied establishments that offer communication training today. This sometimes makes it difficult for students to choose. In addition, the “communication” field is particularly broad. Indeed, it encompasses several disciplines (marketing, events, advertising, media, leadership, etc.). Here is the ranking of communication schools according to the Sup de Pub manual.

What is a great school of communication?

Companies are continually looking for the best talent to meet specific communication needs. The major communication schools offer training adapted to high school graduates from Bac to Bac + 6. These state-approved institutions help students understand and master communication operations.

The skills acquired will be indispensable for working in the public relations, advertising, and event management sectors. Some communication schools offer both continuing education and work-study programs. In the second case, participants alternate courses at the school with practical training in a company. This prepares them to enter professional life in the trade even before graduation.

Ranking of the best communication schools, what are the criteria?

Ranking of communication schools by degree

As mentioned above, communication schools offer training according to the LMD system. Hence the interest in classifying its institutions according to the degree delivered. Eduniversal has looked at essential criteria such as the reputation of the training and the remuneration of graduates.

  • Ranking of the major schools of communication offering licenses

Here are the top 3 rankings of the top communication schools:

  • The CELSA Sorbonne University school wins the ranking with its specialized degree “Companies and Institutions”;
  • ISTC (Institute of Strategies and Communication Techniques) comes in second with its degree in economics;
  • the specialized “Media” degree from CELSA Sorbonne University closes the podium.

Other top communication schools that make the top 10 include:

  • Sup de Pub with its Bachelor in Global Communication;
  • ESGCI for its bachelor in event communication;
  • ISCOM for its “Grande École de Communication” program;
  • IFP for its information and communication license;
  • ESP for its Bachelor of Communication and Advertising;
  • Audencia SciencesCom for its Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Media;
  • EFAP for its “Grande École de Communication” program.
  • Ranking of the major communication schools offering masters degrees

This time, it is theUniversity of Paris Dauphine (PSL) that comes out on top for its Master’s degree in Marketing Communication. It is followed by NEOMA Business School with its Master’s degree in Corporate Communication. CELSA Sorbonne University closes the podium once again (Master 2 professional Communication Le Magistère). Behind this top 3, we can mention other great schools of communication such as IAE Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management, the University Panthéon-Assas (Paris II) or the TBS Business School.

Ranking of communication schools according to students

Based on the feedback from graduating students, we have compiled a list of the top communication schools below. The best rated institutions are: CELSA, Université Paris Dauphine-PSL, EFAP, ISCOM, SUP’DE COM and Sup de Pub. These communication schools were evaluated on the basis of pedagogy, prestige and employability.

Ranking of communication schools according to professional insertion

The following result was established according to the official statistics of the National Education. Factors considered include:

  • the share of stable jobs ;
  • the share of full-time jobs ;
  • the share of managerial jobs ;
  • employment rate;
  • monthly remuneration.

The top 3 is the University of Paris 4 Sorbonne, whose average salary for graduating students is estimated at 2250 €. The University of Amiens-Picardie Jules Verne and the University of Paris-Est Marne La Vallée close the podium. Graduates of these institutions earn an average of €2,100 per month. The employment rate and share of jobs for these top communications schools is close to 90%.

Among the other communication schools in the top 5, we find Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle and Paris 13 Paris Nord.

How to choose a communication school?

To find the best communication school, it is advisable to carefully consider certain factors. This is particularly true of the degrees offered. It all depends on the student’s career goals and budget. The communication field in particular requires solid skills to be able to integrate large multinationals. In this respect, it is also advisable to choose the right training method (continuing education, work-study).

The largest communication schools have a large network of partner companies. It is important to learn about this aspect to best prepare for a career in communications. Finally, you should choose the institution according to its geographical location (in town, ease of transportation, student housing, student life on campus…).

What is the best master’s degree in communication at Sup de Pub?

According toEdUniversal‘s 2022 Masters and MBA rankings, the communication school “Sup de Pub” is in 12th position. The program in question is the MBA SP5 Management and Production of Digital Media. This training introduces students to the world of digital communication and its challenges for the development of the company.


Updated 11 March 2024