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Do you want to combine your commercial fibre with your passion for luxury in the professional field? Luxury marketing is an industry that is recruiting, with many opportunities for employment. Focus on the specificities of this field and the most coveted positions.

What are the professions in luxury marketing?

Luxury marketing is a branch of marketing that focuses on high-end products. They are distinguished from classic commercial offers by 3 characteristics, namely their rarity, their prestigious image and their quality. Luxury marketing professions aim to promote these exceptional products through various commercial strategies. To do this, the brands are looking for many talents in positions such as :

  • brand manager ;
  • CRM manager ;
  • study leader ;
  • product manager,
  • assistant product manager ;
  • marketing project manager ;
  • E-merchandiser.

Luxury Brand manager

As the job title indicates, the luxury brand manager is responsible for managing the image of the brand or company he/she represents. It is therefore responsible for developing a marketing strategy that will convey its values and reach its target clientele. In addition, it carries out a constant watch to follow the development of the product and to adapt to new expectations. The luxury brand manager is thus a commercial figure who will have to show relational skills in order to become a good negotiator.

Luxury CRM manager

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The luxury CRM manager is responsible for customer relations. By conveying the brand, he becomes a true ambassador. To meet customer expectations, the luxury CRM manager uses a data collection system. Several tools are then made available to determine the right platform to use and manage the databases. The luxury brand manager can be supported by a web marketing manager, a data manager or a system administrator.

Luxury research manager

The Luxury Research Manager occupies a strategic position, knowing that he/she is at the origin of the brand’s project launch strategies. The decisions taken are based on a prior market study. The latter determines the trends, customer expectations and strategies implemented by the competition.

Luxury product manager

The luxury product manager is responsible for one or more product lines of the brand for which he/she works. It therefore has several missions, namely:

  • market research, in order to determine the expectations of consumers both in terms of price and aesthetic aspect of the product;
  • the development of a marketing strategy in line with the results of the market analysis;
  • competitive intelligence to adapt to trends.

Assistant Product Manager Luxury

As the name suggests, the assistant product manager supports the product manager in his or her duties. He therefore benefits from the same skills and qualities, i.e. an analytical mind, a commercial fibre, relational ease and great autonomy.

Luxury marketing project manager

The marketing project manager is responsible for several tasks aimed at promoting his product or brand. Among its duties, it is possible to mention the organization of events to launch the latest novelties. This professional also manages a team implementing the various marketing strategies.

Luxury E-merchandiser

The e-merchandiser is specialized in e-commerce. In the luxury industry, he deals with digital marketing strategies with the objective of selling more or reaching the target customers. He is therefore responsible for finding a proposal that fits the product. Its responsibilities include:

  • the choice of a publishing platform to promote the brand;
  • contextualization of the product through visuals and texts. As mentioned before, luxury is distinguished by its image, which the e-merchandiser must be able to present.

What are the luxury marketing courses at Sup de Pub?

Sup de pub is a school of communication offering many different courses. It has two training courses oriented towards luxury marketing:

  • communication and marketing of luxury with admission in master after a Bac+3 ;
  • marketing and communication of luxury, open to students who have completed their Bac+4 ;
  • luxury brand communication and marketing, for students wishing to obtain a Bac+5 from a Bac+4 level.

The courses are given at the Paris campus according to a sandwich system.


Updated 11 March 2024