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E-commerce sites are no longer to be introduced, since they are almost part of our daily lives. They are as popular with Internet users as they are with businesses. The E-merchandiser profession was born with their deployment. He develops strategies to optimize sales on these platforms. In this article we summarize its main missions and advantages. Also find out about education, salaries and everything else related to this job.

What is an E-merchandiser?

The E-merchandiser is the declination, on the Web, of the classic merchandiser job. It is mainly concerned with maximizing sales on an e-commerce site. He makes sure to attract visitors and convert their visit into a purchase. His role involves the promotion of the company’s products and services.

To do this, he manages and optimizes the quality of the content on the platform. It also improves the ergonomics of the latter so that buyers can easily proceed with the act.

This digital marketing expert implements solutions to structure all the sections. It is the guarantor of the fluidity of the navigation of the Internet users. It makes the site functional and easy to use so that the visitor can find what he needs in a few clicks. It also works on its attractiveness in order to make the experience pleasant.

The E-merchandiser is in charge of staging the products. He is interested in their locations, the tools to enhance them and the texts that accompany them. He chooses the visual graphics and videos to add value to the site. It elaborates and distributes promotional offers. It highlights flagship products and best sellers.

He monitors the market to determine the needs of customers on the web. Then, it makes innovative proposals to respond to them. It analyzes the performance of its various actions. This allows him to adjust his strategy.

What are the missions of the E-merchandiser?

The position of E-merchandiser involves many missions, namely:

  • market watch and analysis to follow news and trends;
  • the study of the needs and desires of customers on the Internet;
  • the development of strategies to boost sales and the definition of action plans;
  • the implementation of a strategy for the valorisation of products;
  • the improvement of the site as a whole, it affects the content and form;
  • the implementation of solutions to make the site and the products attractive;
  • the choice of visual and textual contents;
  • highlighting of promotional offers;
  • evaluation and measurement of the performance of actions ;
  • management of indicators and tools such as traffic measurement, conversion rate statistics;
  • the continuous search for new processes to boost sales.

Why become an E-merchandiser?

The job of E-merchandiser is appreciated for the diversity of its missions, which leaves no time for monotony. This expert masters several fields, including digital tools, digital marketing and communication techniques.

Its missions also include creative activities. This is one of the things that makes this work exciting. If you are interested in creation and design, it is ideal for you.

On the other hand, the sector is not likely to lack opportunities. The online business is becoming more and more present, it affects almost all sectors of activity. The unemployment rate is low.

Your career will take off quickly. You have the possibility to make it evolve with will and work. At the top level, you have the positions of e-category manager, online marketing manager and e-merchandiser. Once you have demonstrated the value of your skills, you will be elevated to the rank of sales manager.

How much does an E-merchandiser earn?

The E-merchandiser receives an attractive salary, even for a beginner. The latter earns about 2,500 euros gross per month upon entering the job market. As an experienced E-merchandiser, you will receive over 3,000 euros gross per month. The level of compensation varies from company to company. A very large structure pays more.

The biggest advantage of this job is that you have the opportunity to earn bonuses based on your results.

What education is required to become an E-merchandiser?

To access this position, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing. Nevertheless, a profile with a 5-year degree is preferred by recruiters. Our school of advertising Sup de pub is one of the largest schools in this sector. We have different adapted programs like :

  • the e-commerce strategy specialization: it is accessible with a bac+4 or bac+5. It leads to a level 7 RNCP title. During the training, you will learn the mechanics of an e-commerce site;
  • UX & Experiential Strategy specialization: this work-study program focuses on techniques to improve the user experience of a site.
Updated 11 March 2024