Everything you need to know about the job of Content Manager: studies, salaries…

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Have you always been fascinated by the field of marketing and web marketing? You can satisfy your passion by choosing the profession of Content Manager. To practice this profession, however, you must have extensive training.

What is a Content Manager?

The Content Manager is generally responsible for creating, enhancing, managing and publishing digital content. These can be in the form of text, video, postcards or images. In all cases, they serve to increase the notoriety of a structure, whether it is a company or a larger organization.

This content also helps to increase site traffic, which will have an impact on revenue and sales. Over the years, the tasks of the Content Manager are more oriented towards inbound marketing, both online and offline.

However, the job of community manager should not be confused with that of content manager. Indeed, the former will have to manage a community on social platforms so that it is more engaged. The content manager will have to produce digital content, while taking into account SEO and user experience for example.

What are the missions of the Content Manager?

The content manager’s main mission will be to create engaging and innovative content, while ensuring that it is adapted to the company’s strategy .

His main mission is to develop an effective content strategy to better engage target customers and convert them into loyal customers. To do this, he delegates certain tasks to an internal team or to other service providers.

When developing the editorial strategy, he/she will be responsible for :

  • plan the production of content and publish it according to a specific schedule;
  • ensure and guarantee the consistency of messages;
  • optimize the referencing and ensure that the related strategies are applied;
  • develop a report;
  • conduct a competitive intelligence.

The editorial content is quite varied. These can be tutorials, newsletters, press releases, etc. But whatever the tasks to be accomplished, the Content Manager must master all the mechanisms of the web and the rules that govern web marketing. He must also have a perfect knowledge of digital platforms, CMS and other digital communication tools.

Why become a Content Manager?

The job of Content Manager is the result of developments and innovations in the field of marketing. Being a Content Manager gives you the opportunity to evolve in a diverse field and hold a strategic position. Your responsibilities will vary depending on the size of the structure:

  • for small companies, the project manager will be the only one to manage projects and will have a broader remit;
  • In a large structure, he/she will lead a team, but will be under the supervision of a superior.

Moreover, recruiters prefer creative and innovative profiles who are able to develop a successful communication strategy. Content managers meet these criteria and are in high demand. In addition, it is one of the professions that offers different perspectives of evolution. A content manager can, in fact, become an editorial director or brand manager. Moreover, this sector is constantly evolving, which means that job opportunities are numerous and evolve with technological advances.

How much does a Content Manager earn?

The average salary for a Content Manager is approximately €50,304. A beginner can expect a gross salary of approximately €35,000. But over the years and depending on the level of experience, this salary can go up to 55 000 €.

It is important to note that skills have an influence on the remuneration of a content manager. This can be higher language skills or specialization in a specific field. However, in order to progress in the sector and claim higher salaries, it is advisable to train regularly. It also allows you to be aware of new technologies and to apply them in your strategies.

What are the educational requirements to become a Content Manager?

There are many training courses that allow you to become a content manager. Those who aspire to this profession often choose to study communication or marketing at a university or attend a digital or advertising school such as Sup de Pub. To move into a more specialized field, you can attend a business or management school or a school of journalism.

One of the strengths of these types of institutions is their bachelor’s degree programs. By choosing this option, you can do an internship in a company to familiarize yourself with the job. These programs often lead to degrees with an international scope. This will serve as a springboard to move into different fields on an international scale.

Updated 8 June 2023