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Becoming a data analyst in a growing sector is particularly interesting in terms of salary. The data analyst must observe and analyze the data extracted from the company’s communication channels. Its objective is to propose relevant strategies to adjust the company’s improvement points. Go to a communications school to get the technical skills you need.

What is a data analyst?

The data analyst is the one in charge of the analysis of the company’s data. This massive data comes from the different channels used by the company. The analyst receives them in their raw state, and then transforms them into useful and exploitable information.

This highly qualified technician occupies a key position within the company. The results of his analytical work allow decision-makers to make the best decisions according to the circumstances. The information it provides is also used to improve the strategies implemented, with a view to making the activities more profitable. To carry out his or her missions, the data analyst must have the following qualities:

  • Analytical thinking to interpret the data collected;
  • computer engineering skills;
  • mastery of data analysis tools and statistical methods;
  • Ability to handle a large amount of information with tact and rigor;
  • ability to use English fluently.

What are the missions of the data analyst?

The data analyst is a pillar of the company, because he acts directly for the development of the company. In this sense, its missions are oriented towards the observations of the company’s business. He/she is required to provide ongoing policy reports to the company’s management. To master his role in society, he must be able to master the following tasks:

  • collect raw data online, via the communication channels ;
  • to process data concerning the real needs of the customers in relation to the products and services offered;
  • interpreting data objectively, in order to transform them into useful indicators;
  • Exploit the analyzed data to improve the company’s production process and business strategies.

Why become a data analyst?

In simple terms, the data analyst is required to extract data from several sources. He then transforms it into statistical data that allows him to define the areas to improve in the company’s strategies. This work requires scientific rigor, given the volume of data to be processed. From this point of view, you need to be passionate about the job to become a data analyst.

Data analysis involves a strong desire to accurately identify the needs and issues of the organization concerned. If you love this job and have the technical skills, you can make it your career. You then become a data analyst to actively participate in the development of a company at all levels.

How much does a data analyst earn?

A data analyst is always well paid, considering the complexity of his missions. However, his salary depends on the sector of activity in which he operates and on the location of the institution concerned. At the beginning of his career, he receives a net monthly salary of approximately 3,000 to 4,000 €. If he puts forward his past experiences to join a sector or an establishment, he can earn about 6 000 € net salary per month.

A data analyst graduating from a specialized school can earn up to €35,000 gross in his first year of activity. He/she can then claim such remuneration, even without prior professional experience. By proving themselves in the business, they can aim for a net annual salary of €55,000 or €60,000.

What are the educational requirements to become a data analyst?

If you decide to become a data analyst, you need training that is relevant to the job market. Choose a professional course that teaches you how to use numbers and statistics. Your training should also enable you to master the use of specific computer programs used for data analysis.

To have these technical skills, you can integrate the communication school Sup de Pub. Join a campus in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Rennes or abroad. You can study in a classical rhythm, or in an alternating rhythm if you wish to join the professional world more quickly. Here are the most interesting paths to becoming a data analyst:

  • SP2/SP3 Digital Communication ;
  • SP4/SP5 Users and Data Marketing pathway;
  • SP4/SP5 Brand Strategy and Strategic Planning;
  • SP4/SP5 Marketing of Innovation and New Business ;
  • SP4/SP5 UX & experiential strategy.
Updated 11 March 2024