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Better than a Bachelor’s degree, opt for our Post-Bac training by choosing between two specialties:

Communication or Creation

our sp1, in discovery and initiation courses

sp1 communication

Our school specializes in communication and offers new graduates a solid and complete curriculum from the first year. This post-baccalaureate training at Sup de Pub is based on learning techniques and tools recognized by professionals, and takes into account the environment and constraints of the company.

sp1 Creation

As soon as they enter Sup de pub, students discover the main lines of advertising creation. In addition to fundamental courses such as communication culture, strategy, English, or the creative studio, he or she is introduced to creative tools: DTP, drawing, rough.

Apply until August for our non-Parcousup courses!


Vous êtes étudiants résidant à l’étranger et n’ayant pas la nationalité française, quelle que soit la langue parlée ? Vous êtes soumis à la procédure d’admission internationale.

Two students talk in front of a MAC computer

How to apply?

Etape 1 : Inscrivez-vous au concours d’admission !

Fill out the online pre-registration form. Then submit your application. The list of supporting documents will be requested by e-mail. The file will be studied by the admissions team and your registration for the competition will be validated.

Etape 2 : Entraînez-vous au concours !

D’abord, prenez connaissance des épreuves d’admission, c’est par ici . L’école met à votre disposition plusieurs anciens sujets pour vous permettre de vous familiariser avec les épreuves de concours ! N’hésitez pas à les consulter. Elles n’auront plus de secret pour vous le jour-J.

Etape 3 : Vous êtes admis.e ? Renvoyez vite votre dossier de préinscription.

If you are admitted, congratulations! Do not delay in sending your pre-registration file to the school. This file must be returned within 15 days and is imperative to allow us to count you as soon as possible in our ranks!

Want to know more about the 1st year?

Two possible entries

In addition to the traditional September start date, the school’s three campuses offer a staggered start date in February for SP1s. The communication and creation courses are offered on three campuses: Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux.

Joining Sup de Pub in February means following an intensive first year program without losing a year. In fact, students can enter SP2 at the same time as other students in September. Classes are held from February to May, midterms in June, and the internship takes place in July and August.

Pedagogy and evaluation

At Sup de Pub, we favor immersive teaching: situational exercises in the form of seminars, workshops and competitions punctuate the students’ academic year. All of these pedagogical highlights are subject to evaluation.

The competition: This highly formative exercise allows all students to work in teams and combine their talents by working on a real-life topic presented by an advertising agency or advertiser. A concrete case is presented to the students who will have to propose strategic and creative recommendations.

The Revival seminar: For two weeks, students recreate, through a play, the life of an advertising agency of the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s! They revisit a time they never knew through clothes, everyday objects, current events, or even expressions of the time. Everything is scrutinized, and they create a 30-second spot “the way of”.

The internship: As of this first year, a mandatory two-month internship is to be completed in May and June (traditional entry) and between mid-June and mid-August (delayed entry). To help them in their efforts, a Career Center is there to help them, coach them on CVs and interviews.

Updated 4 May 2022