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Have you just graduated from high school? You don’t know which field to choose? Nowadays, social networks are in full development. They offer many opportunities for a professional future. If you are interested in working in the world of social networks, you can follow an adapted training.

Why follow a training in social networks?

There are many reasons to get into social networking training. For graduates, it will allow them to easily find a job in full development such as community manager. Indeed, the latter is responsible for monitoring social networks and interacting with the community concerned. It develops effective strategies to help a company or any professional to make its activity known.

To accomplish these tasks, certain techniques must be mastered. This is why it is so important to get the right training. Once in place, the latter will allow you to use social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Tik Tok and others) in a professional manner.

It will help you gain visibility and notoriety. Moreover, the training will be useful on a daily basis, especially if you are often connected to social networks. It will allow you to know how to use them wisely and what are the rules of cybercrime in force.

Content of a training in social networks

During a training in social networks, you will be asked to :

  • Understand the key issues and workings of social networks: learn the techniques to target the right social networks, understand the vocabulary used by target audiences, know the interests of using social networks in the professional world;
  • create a visual identity on social networks: graphic charter, effective and relevant visual, etc;
  • Learn the tools to optimize the use of social networks: personal and professional accounts, algorithms, communication strategy;
  • create content: professional ads, choice of hashtags, interactive content, etc.

In addition to all of this, we offer training on communication strategy. You will learn how to create an editorial line, a social media plan and campaigns.

The objectives of a training in social networks

The purpose of a network training is to:

Increase your knowledge of the different types of social networks, their importance and ways to use them;

– learn how you can use the different features of each network to the advantage of your company or the one where you will be working: posting on a website, writing comments.

Training is also based on user education.

Salaries and opportunities after training in social networks

There are many opportunities in social networking training. You can work in a communication agency, in a web department, in a consulting firm or in a creative studio. You can even work on your own as :

  • community manager ;
  • digital project manager ;
  • traffic manager ;
  • social media manager.

As for compensation, it depends on your position. In general, you can claim between 2000 and 2500 euros per month if you start. Over the years and with experience, you will earn up to 3,500 euros per month. Note that the salary may increase depending on your skills.

Does Sup de Pub propose a training in social networks?

Yes, Sup de Pub offers a training in social networks. This private institution offers courses adapted to all levels: from baccalaureate to baccalaureate+5. The content of the training depends on the level.

In the first year, you will learn the basics of the social networking business: strategies, media, etc. This is a year of discovery and initiation. In the second year, you will deepen your knowledge and do some general practice. It is in the third year that you can specialize.

After graduation, you have the option of continuing your education or immediately entering the workforce. Note that during the fifth year, you can follow an alternating rhythm to professionalize and then develop an expertise.

What are the strengths of our training in social networks?

By following training in our school in our school, here is what you will gain:

  • courses given by professionals;
  • training geared towards employability. Thanks to an innovative pedagogy (internship and seminar), you can easily enter the job market once you have your degree;
  • a professional network. From your first day, you can build a network. We have set up an alumni network (no less than 10,000 students) made up of executives, entrepreneurs and start-up founders;
  • a state-approved diploma.

Who is our training for and what are the admission requirements?

Our training is open to all candidates with a bachelor’s degree. However, the latter can only register after passing an entrance exam. At a minimum, they must obtain a 10/20 average. Nevertheless, we also welcome people with a Bac+2 who wish to specialize. These candidates can enter the third year, after studying their file. Please note that we have a registration modality: 2 times a year (in February and September).


Updated 11 March 2024