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Studying abroad is the dream of many high school graduates and students who have already started their university career. It is also an opportunity to boost a career and a relatively rewarding experience with many benefits. Today, it is possible to continue your apprenticeship in another country by enrolling in an international training program. Discover, in this article, valuable information about it.

Why study abroad?

All recruiters can confirm this: whatever the field of activity in which you plan to work or whatever career you wish to pursue, doing part of your studies in another country is a real asset.

It will be a useful experience both professionally and personally, if planned properly. Of course, in addition to international studies, there may be other reasons for this decision.

An international training during a trip abroad will give you the opportunity to :

  • to confront yourself with a new culture;
  • Improve your language skills and acquire new ones;
  • expand your network of knowledge and your vision of the world;
  • to develop an international and intercultural profile;
  • increase your chances of finding new opportunities.

The opportunities to study abroad are becoming more and more numerous. Various French schools now offer various formulas to allow local students to continue their education abroad. You can choose to study for a full year or a semester. Another option is to do an internship during the summer vacations, during the year or as part of your gap year.

Which schools should I join to study abroad?

Many higher education institutions have opened up to the world by offering their students courses abroad. Their objective is to better prepare them for international careers, such as international relations studies, trade, business, management, finance and import-export.

However, this comes with certain requirements, such as good employability upon graduation. This is why it is useful to follow an international training, a type of training that optimizes the skills and knowledge of each student.

Business schools are pioneers in international studies. They currently continue to fill their catalog of destinations. Some have also established numerous partnerships with foreign schools, allowing students to obtain double degrees. Others have even opened their own campuses abroad.

Doing your internship abroad

Doing an internship abroad during your studies is a good option if you want to get a professional experience. You will discover a new culture, while improving your language skills and adding a touch of openness to your resume. The latter will also take on an international dimension.

Each country has its own definition of the concept and practice of internship. You will often have to adapt to the terms and conditions established by your host institution during your work placement. Generally, this will be part of your international training, but could eventually be a short work term. Your internship will then be formalized through the signing of an internship agreement, defining your working conditions (paid or not).

Studying abroad with Supdepub

You want to study abroad? Supdepub can help you achieve your goals. It is a school of communication with more than 35 years of experience and currently has about 5,000 students. Its integration into the OMNES Education Group since 1994 allows it to benefit from a large network of partner universities in France and abroad (nearly 46 establishments).

Supdepub is a school that wishes to train its students with its own pedagogy, a pedagogy that is as immersive and innovative as possible. It is used by its various stakeholders in all 6 campuses, located in France and in other countries. Numerous personalities of influence in social, political and economic circles also contribute during conferences with the students in its premises.

Supdepub is also an establishment that favors professional integration. In addition to allowing students to complete part of their curriculum and their internships abroad, it gives them the opportunity to apply for an Erasmus+ grant. The professional integration rate of students after 6 months of study is close to 93%.

This is because learners are trained in the nuts and bolts of designing a communication campaign through real-life exercises. In addition, the school offers nearly 25 program specialties, giving students access to a wide selection of professions.

Our international campuses

Supdepub offers its students several campuses abroad so that they can pursue their studies in an international dimension. The London campus is the first of the school, created in 2005 and located in Marylebone, a trendy and lively area of the city center. It is a perfect learning ground for those who want to improve their marketing skills or training in art direction in art direction as part of an English-speaking curriculum.

On the other hand, if you are interested in luxury marketing, the New York campus is a great destination. You can spend a semester at Baruch College on Lexington Avenue starting in your4th year to gain a fine knowledge of the world of luxury and art.
The San Francisco campus, meanwhile, is focused on digital and innovation. You can spend 9 weeks immersed in the heart of Silicon Valley to perfect your English, while taking advantage of our Startup Lab program.


Updated 11 March 2024