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Luxury marketing has the same methods and codes as traditional marketing. The only difference is that it is based on the promotion of high-end goods. If you want to enter this field, it is necessary that you follow a clear and precise path.

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What specialization should I take in high school to study luxury marketing?

To prepare for college, you need to start in high school, starting in 10th or 11th grade. If you want to study luxury marketing, then you need to take specialty courses in high school. To that end, here are three lessons to focus on for your future study project:

  • math, even if it’s not your strong point: no matter what luxury specialty you choose later on, you’ll still need a good foundation. During your senior year, this science subject will allow you to apply to a number of courses when the time comes;
  • foreign or regional languages: today, the luxury programs are almost all in English. If you want to get into an institution easily, it makes sense to specialize in languages. In addition, it will allow you to consider international studies or exchanges abroad during your studies;
  • Economic and social sciences: this subject will allow you to develop your general culture.

To studyluxury marketing, you can choose an ES or STMG bac.

What electives should I take in high school to study luxury marketing?

In addition to the three specialties listed above, there are other subjects that can help you get into a luxury program. Even if they are optional, it is always better not to neglect them. They will help you enrich your knowledge and your career. There are, for example, general optional courses in the arts: history of the arts, visual arts, etc.

It should be noted that art is one of France’s specialties. It is thus considered a luxury domain. If you are attracted to this field, this optional course will be beneficial to you. Today, there are several higher education institutions that are already specialized in culture and art. The diplomas are even recognized by the State. The other optional courses to take in high school to study luxury marketing are: artistic workshop, creation and design culture, management and administration.

Parcoursup courses to study luxury marketing

Please note that there are a variety of courses that allow you to study luxury marketing. There are some that are integrated on the Parcoursup platform, including:

  • non-selective courses at public universities. These are the licenses, and for luxury marketing, there is the Licence pro marketing de luxe ;
  • short selective courses that select candidates on the basis of a competitive examination or a portfolio. Among them, there are the luxury BTS and the BUT, formerly DUT ;
  • long selective courses which are generally preparatory classes for the Grandes Écoles (CPGE). They allow you to integrate a training in luxury marketing. These long selective courses also involve private school courses. Indeed, many business and management schools are accessible after the baccalauréat directly on Parcoursup. They offer training on luxury marketing. The integration is often done via entrance exams common to several establishments.

Non-Parcoursup courses to study luxury marketing

If you did not find what you were looking for on Parcoursup, you should know that there are also courses outside Parcoursup that allow you to study luxury marketing. There are:

  • post-bac business school programs that are accessible through competitive exams with tests specific to the institution and common tests. They allow you to obtain diplomas recognized by the State at levels 6 and 7. The programs help you acquire marketing knowledge for all the components of luxury: art of living, jewelry and watches, hotels, wines and spirits, fashion and accessories, perfumes and cosmetics. For example, you can opt for the following programs: Marketing & Communication du Luxe, Luxury Brand Communication & Marketing, Luxury, Art & Fashion Marketing, Marketing & Communication de la Culture et des Arts;
  • private preparatory classes ;
  • BTS outside Parcoursup;
  • training courses in hotel schools.


Updated 11 March 2024