What is a master’s degree in communication and how do I get into it?

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Communication is a dynamic field that is currently in full swing. With the evolution of technology and media, it is even more in demand in companies. Nevertheless, working in this sector requires specialized training and specific diplomas. Thousands of young people are interested in this sector and in studying for it. We explain everything about the master in communication.

What is a master’s degree in communication?

The information technology with a good communication strategy is an effective lever for the development of a company. Nevertheless, for a communication plan to be good, you must have the knowledge to establish it. Higher education or specialized training at an advertising, communications or event management school will help you acquire this knowledge.

Indeed, the Master’s degree in communication prepares you for jobs in communication. With this course, you will become an expert in communication, advertising and marketing. Upon completion, you can work in the industry of your choice. In the list, we have event management, advertising, corporate communication, public relations, marketing and human resources.

This course of study is available at universities, advertising, marketing and communication schools. It concerns new baccalaureate holders and people with a Bac+2 or Bac+3 level. It is also intended for employees who are changing careers or looking for a better job.

The Master’s in Communication is offered as an initial or continuing education program and as a sandwich course. It gives you a diploma at the bac+5 level.

Which master’s degree in communication to choose?

The choice of a master’s degree in communication depends on the field in which you wish to practice. It defines your specialization. With this in mind, the content of the training is targeted. You will be trained in order to acquire the necessary skills to be up to your future duties. The list varies depending on the university or college.

You can choose between :

  • MSc Communication and Industrial Psychology;
  • Master in Organizational Communication;
  • The Master in Communication and Corporate Identity;
  • MSc Corporate and Marketing Communications;
  • Master of Science in Business Communication;
  • The Master in Corporate and Digital Communication;
  • The Master in Corporate Reputation;
  • Master’s degree in business communication.

How to access a master’s degree in communication?

To access a master’s degree in communication, you must have a bachelor’s degree. This allows you to enter the first year of the Master’s program. As far as the field is concerned, your degree can be:

  • a degree in communication ;
  • a Bachelor’s degree in Communication ;
  • a degree in marketing
  • a degree in communication and digital marketing;
  • a degree in business communication;
  • or equivalent.

Before you can enter a master’s degree in communication, you must put together your application. It includes a completed application form, proof of your background and a letter of motivation. The latter is optional. Some institutions offer the possibility of completing the application directly online. In general, to be admitted, you must first pass an entrance exam. It includes several tests, including an essay test. You will also have an individual interview with a jury. Please note that integration is on a space available basis. Therefore, you should apply as soon as possible.

What are the opportunities after a master’s degree in communication?

At the end of a Master’s degree in Communication, you have 2 options:

  • continue your studies: to obtain a specialized Master’s degree or to aim for a doctorate;
  • enter the world of work: you can start a career in the industry you prefer as an employee. There is also the option of becoming a young entrepreneur.

For those who choose to enter the job market, there are many opportunities. This dynamism is encouraged by the rise of digital. The demands in agencies and companies of all sectors are abundant. New graduates are even more in demand thanks to their up-to-date knowledge and their mastery of digital tools.

The jobs are different depending on the sector of activity:

  • in the advertising sector: we have the press officer, the art director, the advertising manager, the copywriter, the media researcher, the media planner;
  • in companies: there is the sales representative, the community manager, the digital project manager, the public relations manager, the communication manager, the internal communication manager;
  • in the event industry : you can become an event project manager, event communication manager, business event organizer, artistic and cultural project manager.

Does Sup de Pub offer masters in communication?

Yes, Sup de Pub offers 5ᵉ year courses. The total length of study is at least 420 hours. During the course, you will follow theoretical lessons with the best trainers. You are required to do practice and group work. To complete your training, you will have an experience in a company. This will facilitate your professional integration. The future students will obtain a level 7 RNCP title certified by the State.

We have 3 main categories:

  • Communication & Marketing : you can choose between the following fields :
    • Global Communication & Brand Strategy ;
    • Responsible Marketing & Communication, CSR and Engagement ;
    • Institutional Communication of Companies & Organizations, Editorial Strategy & Content Management ;
    • Sports Marketing & Event Communication ;
    • Marketing & Communication of Creative and Cultural Industries ;
    • Management, Marketing & Communication of Luxury
  • Communication & Digital Strategy : there are the following fields :
    • Digital Management & Social Media
    • UX Management & Innovation Strategy
    • Health Marketing & Communication
    • CX & Service Design
  • creation : we have the following channels :
    • Communication & Audiovisual production
    • Art Direction & Visual Design


Updated 11 March 2024