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In business, customer records are accounts. They are the source of a company’s profits. Therefore, their management is important. We must ensure their satisfaction and guarantee their loyalty. This is the role of the account manager. Find out more about his missions and his salary below. If you are interested in the position, you can also find the path to follow to be able to practice in the future.

What is an account manager?

The account manager is also called key account manager or customer manager. This is the person responsible for managing a company’s accounts receivable. Depending on the size of the account, it can handle one or more accounts at a time.

It has the possibility of working in any sector of activity. It is used in cosmetics, distribution, media agencies and banking institutions.

The Account Manager is the guarantor of customer satisfaction. He handles the customer relations for his organization. He is in charge of improving the quality of services by considering the customers’ remarks. This is done in order to retain them. It also proposes solutions in case of dissatisfaction.

To excel in this position, it is important to have good interpersonal skills. The account manager is the first point of contact for his company. He must be comfortable with communication and negotiation, it is part of his job. When managing multiple clients, he/she is required to be organized and to manage his/her time well.

What are the missions of the account manager?

The Account Manager’s daily life is hectic, as his missions are numerous and varied. It is responsible for:

  • know and master the products or services of his company;
  • Monitor developments in its business sector by keeping a continuous watch on the market;
  • Identify and understand customer needs;
  • find strategies to meet their needs;
  • Follow up on existing customer accounts and prospect for new ones;
  • develop additional proposals to keep his company competitive;
  • to promote the services and products of its organization;
  • Work with the project manager to find a customer relationship management strategy;
  • analyze results, detect weaknesses and find solutions to remedy them;
  • Report to the client and management.

Why become an account manager?

The Account Manager position allows you to work in a dynamic and constantly evolving field. You are in contact with a lot of people, which can be humanly enriching. Working with people helps you develop a good network. It also helps to increase self-confidence and adaptability.

As an Account Manager, you have the opportunity to experience a fast-paced and exciting daily life. No two days are alike, as your assignments remain diverse. It is motivating and fulfilling. You avoid routine and monotony.

While taking care of your clients, you will be required to travel on occasion. This contact work saves you from sitting behind your computer screen for hours on end.

In this field, there are many requests and job offers. The unemployment rate is largely low, as all entities need its services. Therefore, you are free to work in the sector that interests you.

In addition, the advantages of this profession as well as its prospects of evolution are not negligible. After a few years in this position, it is possible to become a Global Account Manager. At this stage, you will be able to manage large clients and operate internationally.

How much does an account manager earn?

The salary is progressive. It depends on your profile and experience. It is also influenced by the size of the company that employs you. At the beginning of your career, you will easily earn between 32,000 and 38,000 euros gross per year. That’s over 2,500 euros gross per month.

On the way, it is possible to earn around 40,000 or even 46,000 euros per year. An experienced account manager earns between 50,000 and 60,000 euros gross per year. This means up to 5,000 euros gross per month, depending on the size of the structure.

What are the educational requirements to become an account manager?

To become an account manager, you must follow the appropriate training. You must choose a course of study in communication and obtain at least a baccalaureate. At Sup de Pub, we offer an ideal path to build your career in this field.

Our school is one of the best schools of communication and advertising.

She has over 36 years of experience. It is possible to enter our school after having obtained your baccalaureate. We have the Communication & Marketing program. During the training, you will cover the following topics:

  • Brand advertising communication;
  • Brand Strategy & Strategic Planning;
  • Influence & Public Relations strategy.
Updated 8 June 2023