Everything you need to know about the job of Web designer: studies, salaries…

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Are you considering specializing in web interface design? Becoming a web designer is one of the possibilities available to you, allowing you to master the rudiments of graphic design for internet platforms. As a job creator, this digital profession is very popular in companies of all sectors of activity. Here is all the information you need to know about the activity of a Web designer.

What is a web designer?

The web designer is an expert in the creation of the graphic design of a website, more commonly called graphic charter. This job combines creative skills and technical know-how, and is at the crossroads between the functions of a web integrator and those of a graphic designer and art director. As an employee or freelancer, he or she may work for the publishing and advertising sectors and for IT service and consulting companies.

The Web designer specializes in the digital world, and more globally that of multimedia. Companies and brands entrust him with the definition of the graphic, ergonomic and visual interface of their internet platforms. This requires a perfect mastery of graphic and ergonomic techniques. In addition to this, we also have knowledge of the various computer tools dedicated to the design and integration of websites, associated with image processing and graphic design software.

This professional must also have in-depth knowledge of communication and marketing strategies for businesses. It should be noted that he/she is generally required to work in a team with other Web professionals.

What are the missions of the Web designer?

The web designer is the guarantor of the online presence of professionals and carries out a wide range of missions in the manner of a true architect. His role consists in the construction of the structure, but also the graphic identity of the website that is entrusted to him. He must therefore respect the different marketing objectives of his client, while ensuring that the interface is attractive to Internet users.

Thus, the Web designer :

  • targets the needs of its client company in relation to its objectives and context;
  • takes care of the definition of the specifications (scenario of animations, creation of the graphic charter, interactivity, architecture and ergonomics of the site, arborescence);
  • participates in the development of graphic elements essential to the development of the site and the creation of its visual identity (Flash animations, banners and illustrations for example);
  • produces models;
  • associates images and texts, while playing on the colors thanks to its creativity to succeed in capturing the attention of Internet users;
  • defines and designs sales or communication tools;
  • provides post-delivery monitoring of each project;
  • maintains commercial relations ;
  • makes adjustments and alterations to the projects he/she carries out, relying on a continuous technological and commercial watch;
  • Supervises the work of web integrators, graphic designers and graphic artists with reference to the technical, functional and artistic constraints of each project.

It should be noted that the intervention of the Web designer in the process of creating a website completes the work of the Webmaster. The latter is responsible for all design and maintenance operations of the platform.

Why become a Web designer?

The profession of Web designer is, nowadays, a very fashionable profession, popular in the majority of the sectors of activity, whether they are private or public. These companies must use multimedia to follow their customers, work remotely and exchange with their users or partners.

Since a professional website has become essential, its visual identity must be well thought out, hence the constant search for web designers. In addition, this profession offers many opportunities for advancement. This ranges from Head of Publishing to Senior Web Designer, Flash Designer, UX/UI Designer, Art Director, Web Project Manager and Illustrator.

How much does a web designer earn?

The gross annual salary of a Web designer varies mainly according to his level of experience and status. A junior provider can earn between 22,000 and 35,000 euros. A senior citizen can receive up to 40,000 euros. An expert can claim a salary of up to 50,000 euros. However, a self-employed person defines his or her benefits on a case-by-case basis and can expect a daily income of 300 to 500 euros.

What studies are required to become a Web designer?

There is no mandatory diploma to access the profession of Web designer. However, you must generally follow a course of study ranging from Bac+3 to Bac+5, which entitles you to an artistic diploma. It is possible with the training offered by our advertising school Sup de Pub. You will learn the necessary basics in a structure that favors an adapted pedagogy and is oriented towards companies and their needs. This is valid for a SP3 Visual & Digital Creation or a SP5 Art Direction & Visual Design in alternating rhythm.

Updated 8 June 2023