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Dates des prochains concours d’entrée

For more information about the course of our competitive exams, please contact the people in charge of admissions at the campuses below:

Paris : Laure Godart
Lyon : Anne-Sophie Valla
Bordeaux : Frédérique Roux

Registration in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year

Register in 5 minutes!

Registration fee : 80€.

Registration possible up to 4 days before the competition.

Admission process from 1st to 4th year

Admission by competition – Online application form
Admission is based on the number of places available in the course of study.

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inventive writing
30 min.
Editorial test
synthesis test
Writing test
Description and analysis in English
30 min. 2
Creative brief & strategy
situational setting
handed in on Wednesday evening / due on Saturday at the interview 4
Individual interview40 minutes6


We remind you that registration for the competition closes four days before the tests

All additional information is on your invitation.

Admission criteria

1st year

This year is open to candidates holding a Baccalauréat (any type of Bac) or an equivalent foreign diploma.

Admission is final only after the results of the entrance exam, which requires an average of 10/20, and subject to availability of places.

The creative programme is designed for people who wish to develop their artistic talents and work in visual communication. To enter this programme, a portfolio is strongly recommended. This portfolio will include visual work (drawings, paintings, collages, photos, etc.). In addition to the portfolio, candidates must demonstrate an interest and curiosity in art. Basic knowledge of drawing is an undeniable asset.

Admission procedure

2 entries per year:

  • in September and in February

2nd year

This year in Communication is open to candidates who have validated a first year of higher education.
Admission is only definitive after the results of the entrance exam, for which a 10/20 average is required, and subject to the validation of a first year of higher education, and subject to the availability of places.

To enter the creative programme, a portfolio is compulsory. This portfolio will show graphic and plastic works and will demonstrate the candidate’s ability to think about a communication issue. A good knowledge of the Adobe suite (Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator) is necessary.

Admission procedure

1 re-entry per year:

  • in September

3rd year

This 3rd year is open to candidates with a Bac +2 specialising in communication, design, marketing, graphic arts, advertising, or an equivalent foreign diploma. Access to certain options will be subject to availability of places, after study of the candidate’s file and according to his/her previous career

Students with a Bac +2 not specialised in communication (law, economics, LEA, Khâgne, history, socio…) can enter the 3rd year SP3 option Digital Marketing or SP3 option Global Communication.

Access to the school will be after the entrance exam, which requires an average grade of 10/20.

To enter the creative stream, a portfolio is required. This portfolio will show the candidate’s ability to respond to a creative brief. They must also demonstrate their ability to conceptualise ideas and to realise and/or write them. Very good knowledge of the Adobe suite (Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator) is required. Artistic and/or writing skills are also essential. And of course the candidate should also demonstrate an interest in creative advertising.

4th year

Direct access to the 4th year SP4 is possible for all candidates holding a Bac +3 (180 ECTS, Licence, Licence professionnelle…) specialising in communication, design, marketing, advertising or commerce, and certified or approved by the State.
Not all courses are automatically open to all Bac+3 students; a pre-selection will be made by the Admissions Department.

For holders of a Bac+3 or Bac+4 in another specialization, access to certain options is only possible after studying the candidate’s file and previous curriculum.

For students with a Bac+3 not certified or approved by the State, each file will be subject to an individual decision provided that the student is eligible after the entrance exam

Access to the school will be after the entrance exam, which requires a 10/20 grade point average, and subject to availability of places

To enter one of the creative streams, a portfolio is required. This book will show the candidate’s graphic and conceptual abilities. One (or more) artistic practice (drawing, painting, photos, videos, song lyrics…etc.) is highly recommended. Good basic knowledge of the Adobe suite is necessary (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator). The Art Direction stream is the most selective. In addition to a portfolio, for all courses, the candidate must demonstrate an interest in art, graphic design and, of course, creative advertising. A good general knowledge is also essential.

Practice for the competition!

Before the competition, it is possible to consult the annals. These are the subjects of the old admission sessions.
They are available here so that you can better understand the purpose and expectations of each test.
You have one or more themes for each of the tests to see all the possible subjects.
The entire admissions team is also available to answer your questions.

class of students in front of Mac computers admission

Les prochaines journées portes ouvertes

    5th year registration

    Register in 5 minutes!

    Registration fee : 80€.

    Registration possible up to 4 days before the competition.

    Processus d’admission 5ème année

    Course of the competition

    1 Individual Interview – 40 minutes
    Study of the application, CV and cover letter.
    Book study for creative industries.

    1 Brief créa & strat (subject sent 72h in advance and presentation during the interview).

    At the end of the competition, the results are sent by e-mail within 15 days.

    Admission criteria

    Cette voie est ouverte aux étudiants titulaires d’un diplôme SP4 ou d’un Master 1 (Bac +4 (240 ECTS) ou d’une certification de niveau 6 ou équivalent visé, certifié par l’État.

    Access to certain options will only be possible after a study of the candidate’s file and previous studies, as well as an interview score higher than 10/20, and subject to available places

    Admission procedure:

    A new school year is offered each year on the different Sup de Pub campuses:

    • A start of the school year in September (for English programs) and in October (for French programs)

    International admissions

    Are you a student living abroad and not a French citizen, regardless of the language spoken? You are subject to the international admission procedure.


    With what level of education can you apply?

    Admissions to Sup de Pub are at all academic levels:

    • At the post-Bac level for entry into the first year. (SP1).
    • To enter the 2nd year directly, a Bac+1 level is required (60 ECTS credits).
    • A course of study at Bac +2 level (DUT, BTS, Prépa) allows direct access to the 3rd year (SP3).
    • Proof of a Bac+3 (180 ECTS) or a Bac+4 (240 ECTS), a level 6 certification or equivalent, primarily in the fields of communication, marketing, digital, management, satisfying the selection tests of the institution (or equivalent if it is a foreign candidate), allows to apply in 4th year (SP4) and 5th year (SP5) in 24 months.
    • A diploma or a level Bac +4 allows to apply for the 5th year (SP5) in 12 months.

    Some of the programs require technical prerequisites. All programs are open to all but those with 5 years of higher education (application and interview). The number of places available for parallel admissions is limited.

    Is it possible to train for the competition?

    Before the competition, you have the possibility to consult the annals. The old competition subjects are available here to allow you to train and understand the expectations of each test.

    What diplomas does Sup de Pub offer?

    At the end of the 5th year (SP5) we deliver three RNCP Level 7 State Certified Titles: ” Communication and Marketing Manager Communication and Digital Strategy Manager ” or ” Artistic and Creative Director “depending on the program chosen.

    Can I get a CROUS grant when I join the school?

    Sup de Pub is not eligible for CROUS. However, the school does offer assistance and funding.

    Who are the speakers at Sup de Pub?

    All the teachers at Sup de Pub are professionals from companies, communication agencies, the media or their own companies.
    They have all been selected by our management for their professional skills, their profession, their talent for teaching and their willingness to share their knowledge and know-how with our students. Many of them are alumni of the school.

    Is it possible to combine studies with a student job?

    The pedagogical rhythm has been studied to facilitate access to paid student jobs.
    All students benefit from a day or several half-days “off” per week in order to work as freelancers, small jobs or for their professional project.

    Are there exchange opportunities with other schools or universities?

    Sup de Pub is partnered with 45 universities around the world and offers students wishing to spend a semester abroad, in Europe with the Erasmus + system or in the rest of the world (Australia, United States, Canada, Japan…).
    Students can also choose to join a Sup de Pub campus abroad in London, San Francisco or New York in 4th year (SP4).

    Is it possible to consider a move to another school in the omnes education group?

    Internal mobility is total and facilitated within the Sup de Pub campuses (Lyon, Paris and Bordeaux). Gateways exist to facilitate your admission to other OMNES Education Group schools. Depending on the school, a motivation interview may be required. Students can, upon request and analysis of their file, benefit from a 10% reduction in tuition fees if they join another school in the group.

    Are we supported in our search for an internship?

    Each campus has a dedicated department that provides personalized support. Events, such as the 3 annual Business Forums, allow us to meet professionals.

    There is also a platform for internship/job offers and a Facebook group accessible to all students.

    What is alternation?

    Alternating work-study is possible in the 4th and 5th years and allows students to combine their studies with time in the company. It can take several forms:

    • The “classic” internship agreement
    • The professionalization contract
    • The apprenticeship contract

    How to be kept informed of Sup de Pub news?

    By going on social networks of course! Follow us on :

    Updated 13 May 2022