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Social networks are an integral part of our daily lives. As a result, they have become effective communication channels to convey messages or ideas. That’s why, today, all companies use them to communicate directly with their customers. The job of the social media manager is to optimize their effectiveness. Find in this article all you need to know about this job, namely its missions as well as its salary. If you are interested in this profession, we will guide you towards the studies you need to follow in order to one day practice it.

What is a social media manager?

The social media manager is an expert in social networks. It is a person in charge of creating and publishing content on the various social interaction platforms. It ensures their quality and efficiency.

Generally, he works for a brand or a company wishing to have a presence and a notoriety online.

He finds solutions to maintain interactivity between his sponsor and his community. The social media manager is the guarantor of the brand image and e-reputation on the networks. It defines a strategy to reach the maximum number of targets and attract new subscribers.

He can be in charge of managing one or more communities on social networks. They work hand in hand with a team of content creators and under the direction of the marketing manager or director.

A social media manager is responsible for the engagement of the audience on the networks as well as the moderation of the exchanges. He ensures that his company maintains a good image.

What are the missions of the social media manager?

The social media manager’s main mission is to manage the company’s various pages on social networks. This manager is responsible for creating campaigns that inform and entertain users. It also handles customer complaints, comments and messages. He finds solutions to the problems encountered by his brand. His other missions involve:

  • Social media strategy: he must define the right media strategy to adopt for each channel. It measures the performance of the actions and adjusts its strategy according to ;
  • monitoring and analysis: this is an important part of the process, which consists of following what is happening on the networks. He analyzes trends, buzz and news. It must also monitor what is being done at the competitive level;
  • content production : he has the role of creating, but also to ensure the quality of content;
  • moderation: he manages the exchanges and makes sure that the published contents are in agreement with the editorial line of the company;
  • Community animation: the flow of information is important and volatile. It is therefore necessary to constantly attract the audience’s attention in order to keep it;
  • reporting : he/she reports on results and performance to his/her superior.

The social media manager is also primarily responsible for any partnerships with independent content creators. We’re talking about influencers and celebrities.

Why become a social media manager?

As a social media manager, you will always have something to do, you will never get bored. You are able to unleash your creativity. This role helps you identify your strengths and increase your interpersonal skills.

It’s an exciting job that is perfect for creative minds. The position is flexible and can work anywhere in the world. You have the opportunity to consider an international career. An idea that attracts more and more young people today.

The power of social media is not negligible. So, it is not surprising that the social media manager job is in high demand. With the advancement of technology, companies want to acquire a strong presence on social networks. Over time, the opportunities will increase tenfold.

How much does a social media manager earn?

These companies must invest time and resources to find a qualified social media manager. Someone who will be able to manage their accounts in an efficient and professional manner. As a result, the salary for this position is quite high. On average, a senior executive earns between €3,700 and €5,000 gross per month.

What studies are required to become a social media manager?

To become a social media manager, you have to be careful about the choice of training. It makes sense to focus on digital communication. Our advertising school Sup de Pub is able to train you for this job. Our work-study programs allow us to develop both the knowledge and experience of our students. We have:

  • SP3 Visual & Digital Creation
  • SP3 Digital Communication
  • Social media strategy specialization

The first two correspond to the bac+3 level and the last to the bac+5 level. At the end of the course, you will receive a state-recognized diploma, which is the RNCP title.

Updated 11 March 2024