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Creative techniques / Strategic steering / Management

A thorough mastery of creative communication, combined with skills in strategy, in a digitalized context, such are the achievements at the end of this title.

Objectives of the training to obtain the title

When an advertiser (company) has a project to communicate on one or more of its products, on its image it must set up a communication strategy around a message it wishes to convey.

The Artistic and Creative Director pilots creative communication projects aimed at determining and conveying this message, in France and/or abroad, by ensuring that they meet the specifications of the communication strategy defined with the management of his company or with his client.

His role is to translate ideas into images and messages that are consistent with the defined strategy, by managing the dedicated teams.

He conceives the creative strategy and pilots its technical implementation.

He participates in the development of his company, in its representation and management.

The job is most frequently carried out in a communications agency, on behalf of client companies (advertisers), but it can also be carried out within the communications departments of companies.

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The main professions targeted (non-exhaustive list)

  • Art Director
  • Digital art director (websites, applications, web communication support.)
  • Associate Director in charge of creation
  • Creative Director
  • Traffic Manager
  • Motion designer
  • Web designer
  • Creative advertising
  • Strategic Planner
  • UX Designer

Competence blocks of the certification

BLOCK 1 : Analyze the client’s strategy and identify their needs in order to propose creative directions

BLOCK 2: Develop creative projects based on defined artistic axes

BLOCK 3: Implement and analyze creative and strategic intelligence

BLOCK 4: Managing the production of the creative strategy

BLOCK 5: Managing a team and a company

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Regulatory reference

Title registered with the RNCP level 7, by order of December 17, 2018 and published in the OJ of December 21, 2018

The certification is issued by capitalization of the totality of the blocks of competences. Each block of skills can be obtained independently of the others. Each block of skills is the subject of a certificate. Partial validation of a block is therefore not possible.

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Financing of the training

Price of the training: 9550 € for individuals / 9750 € for financed individuals

Price of a block of skills: estimate on request

Updated 26 April 2022