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The e-commerce manager must implement and manage a marketing strategy using online communication channels. He succeeds in his missions when the sales and turnover of the company concerned increase. Train at a communication school to do this job.

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What is an e-commerce manager?

The e-commerce manager works for a company. It is responsible for the implementation of an effective e-commerce strategy to increase the online sales of the company concerned. It then ensures the visibility of the products or services offered, and the expansion of the customer base. It highlights the company’s offers on the website and on the social network pages. In this sense, the e-commerce manager is at the same time a highly qualified commercial and a digital professional. In order to carry out its missions, it must have the following skills and qualities:

  • mastery of current marketing techniques and e-commerce sales tools;
  • Strong business and interpersonal skills;
  • mastery of information and communication technology ;
  • control of exchanges via the various communication channels, especially social networks;
  • competitive intelligence ;
  • proficiency in at least one foreign language, especially English.

What are the missions of the e-commerce manager?

The main mission of an e-commerce manager is to develop the company’s turnover through online sales. Thanks to its digital strategy, it can optimize a merchant site, in order to help it reach its commercial objectives. A good webmarketing manager uses performance indicators (KPI) to analyze the gap between the objectives set and the objectives achieved. To be successful in online sales, the manager must perform various tasks, including:

  • the implementation, the piloting and the follow-up of the established e-commerce strategies;
  • the development of webmarketing levers, including SEO content of the site, mailing campaigns, exchanges and publications on social networks;
  • the digital presence and the e-reputation of the company;
  • control of the company’s position in relation to the competition;
  • Supervision of the company’s sales team;
  • prospecting and retention of customers;
  • the close relationship with the customers;
  • activation of all relevant ancillary actions.

Why become an e-commerce manager?

We become responsible e-commerce to ensure the positioning of a company on the web. In the course of his or her duties, this manager develops his or her capacity for analysis and synthesis. Day by day, he improves his performance in the organization of action plans and in team management. He becomes flexible, proactive and versatile, given the complexity of his responsibility.

For the company, having a good e-commerce manager can avoid the decline in sales and the loss of positioning of the site. Prospects and customers are becoming more and more numerous, and the turnover is, indeed, satisfactory.

How much does an e-commerce manager earn?

In general, the majority of companies refer to their salary scale to set the salary of their e-commerce manager. Other factors, such as the region in which the company is located or the experience of the e-commerce manager, can also determine the salary. Furthermore, the size of the company remains the primary factor influencing the level of compensation.

If you choose to do this job, expect a starting salary of 2 500 € gross per month. You can earn a lot more by working for a reputable company. After 2 years of successful experience, you can aim for a gross monthly salary of €5,000. This is the average salary of an e-commerce manager. It’s up to you to prove yourself, as salary increases can be common in this field.

What studies are required to become an e-commerce manager?

To forge your commercial and relational aptitudes necessary for the job of e-commerce manager, train yourself. A professional training within a school of communication is an interesting course. It’s a way to specialize in digital marketing.

If you join the Sup de Pub school in Paris, in the major cities of France or abroad, you will be entitled to one of the following courses:

  • SP2 Communication & Digital ;
  • SP3 Brand Strategies ;
  • SP4/SP5 Brand Advertising Communication;
  • Sp4/Sp5 Brand Strategy & Strategic Planning ;
  • SP4/SP5 Marketing & Communication CSR;
  • SP4/SP5 Communication & Marketing of Luxury.
Updated 11 March 2024