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The professional sector is full of opportunities to work internationally. It is a unique experience that requires strong personal and professional skills. The world’s borders are disappearing to let you work in the country you want, when you want. We explain how to get there

Why work internationally?

Working internationally is a great opportunity in many aspects of your life. Thus, this experience allows to:

  • ensure your personal development: your stay abroad allows you to integrate a different environment. You will meet new people and discover new cultures. You will depend on your own skills;
  • Add value to your resume: working internationally helps you stand out from the competition. You enhance your profile to promote a successful career. Recruiters tend to favor applicants with foreign experience. This is an experience that proves the candidate’s autonomy and ability to adapt;
  • develop international skills : corporate cultures in foreign countries are different from those in France. To anticipate the market, working internationally allows you to discover other facets of the world. It helps to have a global vision of the sector of activity that interests you;
  • travel to dream destinations : imagine yourself in an office in Manhattan or Rome. An international career offers you the opportunity to work in exceptional locations.

Develop a solid professional project to work internationally.

To work internationally, you must have a well-defined professional project . It is a personal commitment that must lead to a result. To develop your project, you must analyze a few points. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • what are your motivations for working abroad?
  • what are your values and aspirations?
  • do you have the skills and competencies to work internationally?
  • Do you speak a foreign language?

Once you have addressed these issues, you need to decide on the destination that interests you. Indeed, to work in foreign countries, it is important to refine the search area. This allows you to focus your efforts on the destination that best suits your career. The project requires you to identify the jobs that correspond to you. You are required to take into account the mobility and change that this job entails.

We recommend defining the gap between your project and your skills. Then, you can develop actions to close these gaps.

Language skills: an essential for working internationally.

Language skills are an asset for an international career. You can become bilingual or multilingual. This helps to understand the global market. Proficiency in several foreign languages opens the door to broader opportunities. In your career, being bilingual allows you to speak directly to customers, partners and suppliers. Working abroad promotes immersion to improve your fluency and comprehension.

Recruiters are particularly interested in applicants with advanced language skills. This facilitates exchanges between employees and avoids misunderstandings. During meetings, you will find it easier to put forward your ideas and skills.

To develop this skill, you can take language courses to fill in the gaps. Taking the initiative to learn the language of the country is a point to convince the recruiter.

On the other hand, speaking a foreign language is an advantage when negotiating your salary. In the United States, for example, an employee with strong language skills is paid 3.8% more than an average employee. In the UK, you can expect up to a 10% increase.

Develop your network

Your professional network is an essential resource for your career. To develop it, working internationally is the best solution. This trip allows you to meet many people with different statuses. These contacts can be used in the future. If you are thinking of developing your own business later on, this network is the basis for your project.

In order to develop your network, we advise you to make some preparations beforehand. You should always have your business cards with you. It is very important to translate and adapt them to your host country. You should also update your resume and profile on the professional social network.

You can schedule possible enriching meetings. You have the possibility to network with your school’s alumni, for example. The communication school Sup de Pub proposes a platform to exchange with the former students.

Why is Sup De Pub ideal for working internationally?

Your international career begins with your choice of school. Among the great schools of communication, Sup de Pub is the best if you want to work internationally. This is due to the school’s pedagogy. Sup de Pub promotes international exchanges and has an international admission policy.

This school offers the opportunity to study at campuses in major cities, such as London, New York or San Francisco. By joining these campuses, you have access to international training to ensure your career. Sup de pub also offers internships abroad if you want to have a first experience. To do this, she suggests two options:

  • the internship within the framework of academic mobility;
  • the internship in the framework of professional mobility.

In addition, the school is eligible for scholarships to finance your stay abroad.


Updated 8 February 2023