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If you are planning to do a communications course, you ask yourself, “how to choose a school of communication? “. This question can have several answers depending on your situation and your aspirations. Here we will show you the criteria to consider when deciding to go to a school of communication.

why is it important to choose the right communication school?

While the content of the training is important, so is the location of the training. Indeed, it all depends on your situation. If you only think about your training, you will waste your time as well as money. You must choose a school that suits your career plan and future aspirations. The school must also be a good fit for your values. It is therefore important to choose your communication school carefully so that you do not end up in a difficult situation.

what criteria should you use to choose your school of communication?

When choosing your school of communication, you will need to consider several criteria. Among these criteria, you will find: the establishment, the location, the reputation and many others.

Degrees offered by the School of Communication:

It is important to choose your school according to both your training and the degrees it offers. It is then necessary to verify the credibility of the school and the diplomas it issues. Concerning the Sup de Pub school, it delivers RNCP certificates, recognized by the State. These RNCP diplomas are level 7. Also, regarding the communication field, students will have a wide choice of panels in their specialization.

The school’s reputation

It is true that the reputation of a school is of paramount importance for the holding and running of a course. That’s why it’s important to choose your school based on its reputation and standing. By choosing a school with an established reputation, you will have no problem finding an internship or a job.

Indeed, recruiters prefer to work with students coming out of reputable schools.

The geographical location of the school

It is important to choose your school according to its location. You certainly have some preferences about where you want to take your training. Ideally, it should not be too far from your city.

There are many communication schools in France.

Sup de Pub has several schools in several cities, including : Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Rennes. The advantage is that the lifestyles in each city are not the same. The student will be able to choose the city that suits him best.

Can visiting campuses help in choosing a communications school?

Yes, visiting a campus will help you choose your school based on its facilities. Visiting a campus will allow you to discover the school’s student life. By visiting the campus, you will get an idea of the general atmosphere there. You will find out if it suits your principles. Indeed, it is best to visit the campus before deciding. This prevents the student from giving up during the year and changing schools during the academic year. This will give you a good idea of the daily life at this school. Also, if you have any questions about the subject, feel free to ask the students.

However, you can also visit the school’s website. By visiting our site, you will have all the answers to your questions. You will learn about the different courses offered. You will also have details on courses and degrees. Indeed, on our site, everything is detailed, from the dates of entry to the courses to follow.

should you choose a school of communication that offers a work-study program?

You have decided to study communication in a communication school. But does that mean you have to enroll in a work-study program? It’s up to you to decide. First of all, you should be aware that not everyone is suited to work-study. Some students find it hard to alternate between classes and practical work. But some schools integrate work-study into their programs, and they are recognized by companies.

If you want to get a job after graduation, this can be an asset. Moreover, work-study is a school of reality. It allows students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and to integrate early in the life of a company. This is why Sup de Pub offers work-study programs in communication. They start from Bac+4. Students will have to spend one semester in a work-study program and the second semester in a company. The work-study program is accessible in the fourth year, as students are more mature and can put their SP3 specialty into practice.


Updated 21 February 2023