How to start a career in the event industry?

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Are you organized and particularly creative ? Do you want to have flexibility in your work and please clients? Starting a career in event management may be for you. That said, it is important to know how to stand out in the field. Find out in this text how to start a career in event management.

In summary:

To start a career in event management:

  • Ideally, you should prepare yourself in a school of communication and/or advertising.
  • It is necessary to develop one’s sense of creativity.
  • Passion for the field is a must.
  • You must be able to write and communicate.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages is always an asset.

What training is needed to start a career in the event industry?

If you want to start a career in event management, the ideal is to join a school of event communication, advertising, or event business. This field is Supdepub‘s specialty. You can study event management from the first year onwards and all the subjects offered are related to it, regardless of the program you choose.

When you access the site, you will notice that you are introduced to communication and English in the first year. You continue in this way in your second year. In thethird year, you can begin to choose your specialization, particularly in communication and writing. In the4th and5th years, you can study art direction & visual design.

Check out all the available programs by going to our website. If you need more specific information, especially about admission and work-study programs, go to the FAQ section.

Why work in the event industry?

Want to make sure you always have work? Would you like to have a job that pays fairly well, or at least commensurate with your skills and efforts? Are you even considering working as a freelancer or contractor? Working in the event industry is an excellent alternative.

The advantage of this sector is that everyone uses it, whether they are public institutions, private companies or even individuals. This is also what makes working in the event industry require you to be versatile enough to adapt to clients’ demands.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in the event industry?

Working in the event industry has many advantages, including the following.

  • It is a sector that recruits and that pays quite well;
  • you benefit from a certain flexibility in your work;
  • you manage your time and your way of working;
  • your work is far from being monotonous and is even exciting if you are passionate about the sector;
  • you have the opportunity to develop your relationship;
  • your network automatically expands when working in the event industry;
  • many opportunities can be offered to you.

However, it can be restrictive in some respects.

  • you can have a high volume of work as an event agent;
  • it can be complicated to satisfy the client and agree on the budget;
  • you will most often have to discuss the price of the service with the client;
  • you may have a very busy schedule during holidays and vacation periods.

What are the qualities to have to work in the event industry?

It is worth remembering that it takes many qualities to start a career in the event industry.

  • passion for the industry and your job is a must;
  • You must be able to organize yourself and be rigorous;
  • it is imperative for you to master the art of communication;
  • You must also enjoy social interaction;
  • Listening skills are of great importance to work in the event industry;
  • You also have to be very creative in order to respond to the different demands of the clients;
  • Knowing foreign languages in addition to English may be required if you wish to have foreign clients.

Jobs after a training in event management

An education in event management can lead to many opportunities. It all depends on your talent, your level of study and your ambitions. For example, it is advisable to work as an assistant or event agent when you first start out to gain experience and learn about the industry.

After that, you can consider becoming an event coordinator or an event project manager. With enough experience and boldness, you can even go into entrepreneurship and offer your own services.


Updated 23 February 2023