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Today, every company receives a large amount of information through different channels on a daily basis. If it wants to convert costs into financial profits and gain a foothold in its sector, it must make good use of all the data at its disposal. The data analyst is there to make sure that digital technology becomes a growth lever to propel a business. If you are interested in the job of data analyst, follow a path that grants you a degree in communication.

What is the role of a data analyst?

By analyzing data pertinently for the company, the data analyst helps the company’s managers to make the right decision at each appropriate moment. Its analysis can be extended to the evaluation of technical skills at all levels of the company.

The data analyst then processes the data collected concerning the customers, the offers, the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Its analysis allows the detection of indicators used to evaluate the company’s performance. It is used to identify the areas of improvement to conform the marketing strategy to the real needs of the target customers. Indeed, the role of a data analyst is to establish data analysis reports to help the company improve its performance and achieve its objectives.

What are the skills of the data analyst?

The data analyst uses specific tools to analyze raw data. He must then master these processing tools in order to translate the data into clear and exploitable information.

The data analyst is also expected to master statistical methods in order not to be misled in his analyses. He must also have a good knowledge of marketing. In fact, in addition to processing the data collected, it is supposed to advise the company’s managers on the right decisions to be made for the smooth running of the business.

English is a must in this job. The data analyst must also have analytical reasoning to determine options and potential outcomes, and writing skills to present ideas well. If you want to gather all the necessary skills, you should take a course that allows you to obtain a master’s degree in communication.

Where does a data analyst work?

The data analyst studies the strategy of a company by analyzing its massive data from many sources. Generally, he works as an employee of the company concerned. He can also work as a freelancer.

In any case, if you choose to do this job, regardless of your type of contract, your missions are the same, that is, to process Big Data, in order to exploit the data. As companies belong to various industries, the data analyst can work in different fields. Banks, insurance companies, the automotive industry and marketing agencies are the ones that recruit the most.

By proving yourself as a data specialist, especially if you have a master’s degree in communication, your prospects for advancement are numerous. You can, among other things, hold a position as a data scientist or data engineer in a large company. It is also possible to become a business intelligence (BI) engineer or digital strategy director.

What training should I take to become a Data Analyst?

To become a Data Analyst, you need to undergo training that teaches you how to harness digital data, and develop analytical projects. To master data processing, you must have a very good knowledge of computers and statistics. To properly conduct web-related prospective studies, you need to acquire marketing and communication skills.

If you are aiming for a Data Analyst position in a growing company, you need at least a Bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree in communication or a master’s degree in business intelligencecan be an excellent option. Whatever your background, the key is to acquire theoretical and practical skills in the strategic analysis of digital information and data.

Does Sup de Pub train for the Data Analyst job?

To help young people interested in the Data Analyst profession, Sup de Pub offers several training courses aimed at developing their skills in data management and analysis. By choosing our school to train as a data analyst, you will learn to master digital communication strategies. The objective is to make you autonomous in your analyses.

You will be able to know the use of data management tools and methods inside out. Developing a data drive strategy and optimizing data visualization will also be your strengths.

Among the courses available at Sup de Pub, which teach you to understand and analyze digital data, are

  • SP4 Data Marketing and User Journey;
  • SP5 Data Management and Consumer Sociology;
  • SP5 UX Management and Innovation Strategy;
  • SP5 Digital Management and Social Media ;
  • SP5 Digital management and e-commerce ;
  • SP5 Global communication and e-commerce.


Updated 11 March 2024